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Sleepy Wrap

Sleepy Wrap Allows Hands-Free Baby Cuddling

By Linda Pliagas

Studies indicate that the more a baby is held the less fussy the child will be, but today’s busy moms normally have a list of chores and other older children to take care of as well.

The Sleepy Wrap, a hands-free baby carrier, is the perfect solution for every mother with a long to-do list.  With its sturdy and comfortable good-quality fabric, made of a heavy cotton knit textile and a touch of spandex, the Sleepy Wrap is ideal for baby wearing.

The idea for Sleepy Wrap came about around the same time that Elizabeth Antunovic’s son was born.  Antunovic was looking for a natural and healthier alternative to simply placing her baby in a stroller.  She wanted her son to feel safe and secure against her warm body.

So Antunovic and her husband tried a slew of slings, but they were uncomfortable for their back and shoulders.  After being unable to find something suitable, Antunovic developed a product that would evenly distribute the weight of a baby and would be more comfortable for both parent and child.

After searching for a fabric that would be safe and sturdy enough to carry the weight of a baby, yet soft and gentle to the touch, she found the perfect fabric that had just the right amount of elasticity and bounced right back into shape after being stretched.
“It conformed perfectly to our son's body, so we could wear him all day and take him in and out of it without needing to retie it.  And it was so much easier to nurse in,” Antunovic says, adding that the name for her product evolved very naturally: “We kept seeing happy parents carrying their peacefully sleeping babies in our baby wraps.”
The Sleepy Wrap allows parents to hold their baby in three different positions: Upright for newborns, the Classic Hold for older babies, and the Hammock Hold, which is ideal for nursing.

Priced at an affordable rate of $33.95, the Sleepy Wrap fits all body sizes and is sold in twelve different colors. The Sleepy Wrap also has these wonderful features:

The Sleepy Wrap fits parents of all sizes.  To learn more about the Sleepy Wrap, visit their website: or email:



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