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Home Concierge Manages Your Life,
Home and Business
By Linda Pliagas

Running a large household or multiple homes is not easy. Keeping up with Timmy’s soccer practice on Tuesday, Carol’s tennis lessons on Wednesdays, and hubby’s busy travel schedule can be unbearable, not too mention the added responsibility of overseeing your home. And if you are fortunate enough to own a vacation home and a rental property or two, the amount of paper trail can make you become more of an accountant and estate manager than you wish to be.

Now there is a relatively new online company that can make your unorganized life a little bit tidier and safer. BCB Technologies has created Home Concierge ( new website that helps ladies and gentlemen, and/or their household staff, transform domestic chaos into an orderly personal enterprise.

Home Concierge is an affordable program, only $150 per year that serves as your own personal assistant and stores important, irreplaceable documents (such as birth certificates, trust deeds, business documents, etc.) in a safe electronic vault. The company was developed in 2005 and went live in 2006.

The user-friendly online portal ( ) is especially useful for people who travel. They can connect from anywhere to check their calendar, keep track of their schedule or even connect with a contact.

“I travel a lot for work,” admits Amanda Blair, director of operations for BCB Technologies. “Its a nice way to stay connected to my house and my calendar. It helps me stay in touch with my life at home when I’m not there.”

A handy feature is that you can email information, such as your daily schedule, to your assistant or a family member. A user can also keep track of recurring appointments by simply inputting the information one time.

“Families have been asking us to create a way to securely store actual documents in their Home Concierge, so they always have access to their information from home, the office, on vacation or anywhere in between,” said Jolynn Blair, co-founder and president of BCB Technologies, creators of Home Concierge.

With the Home Concierge Document Directory, families have peace of mind knowing their information is securely stored, and it’s just a click away. The Document Directory is just another way to help busy people better organize their homes so they can spend less time worrying about managing their lifestyle and more time doing the things they love.

Some of the people who are currently enjoying Home Concierge include: estate managers, personal assistants, professional organizers and realtors.

Homeschoolers can really benefit from Home Concierge, as they typically have larger-than-average households and many of them run a home-based business, to supplement their income and so that it serves as entrepreneurial education for their children. They can easily set up each child with a color code to track all of their activities on a calendar (just register each child under the Properties section). A quick glance at the online calendar shows each child’s activities by color.

BCB Technologies ( has created a three-in-one product: an online virtual assistant, personal planner and document warehouse. The site also has bonus features, such as their practical checklists, which, for example, can help one prepare before travel.

Now that Home Concierge has been up-and-running for two years, Blair says that she is learning about new ways to use the system from her customers. “One of our clients used it in a way that we did not even think of before,” she said. “The woman set up all the property information and maintenance appointments for her parents because they are senior citizens and live far away.”

Home Concierge not only organizes a busy person’s life, it can help them gain peace of mind as well.

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