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By Linda Pliagas

With so many books available for homeschoolers to choose from, it can be a daunting task trying to figure out which selections would be best for your family to choose.

This is one reason it so important to choose a trusted educational publisher such as Beautiful Feet Books, Inc.  In business since 1984, owners Russell and Rea Berg have been on a mission to supply quality literature to both the home education and private school markets.

Rea Berg, the company co-founder and a homeschooling mom of six, was inspired to write and publish her own works as well as those of other talented authors, when she read the work of Susan Schaeffer Macaulay in For the Children’s Sake.

After discovering that book and being responsible for the education of her own children, Rea coined the concept of incorporating a “living books” style of education. She believes in using quality literature rather than standard textbooks in education.

Rea, who has a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in children’s literature, feels that a love of learning can be created by choosing well-written classic and historical literature for children.

Macaulay’s book was also the inspiration for the study guides that Rea created for her own children and now for her fellow educators. Rea’s History through Literature guides mesh a biblical
worldview with a solid literature approach. She is a proponent of the Charlotte Mason style of teaching.

Some of her most popular guides include, Early American History Primary and Intermediate, Modern U.S. and World History, Medieval History and Ancient History. A
new guide, The Exploration and Settling of the American West will be out this Fall.

It is Rea’s goal to acquaint homeschoolers with historical “greats” and to introduce them to quality books to start them on a trek towards a life-long love of literature.

Some of the academic disciplines that you will find Beautiful Feet Books covering include: history, science, classical music, geography and a wonderful study of the horse.

One of the books that caught my eye was Pocahontas by Ingri and Edgar D'Aulaire

In addition to study guides and individual books, Beautiful Feet Books, Inc. sells literature packs for each of their guides and classical collections of the authors they publish.  Some of the masters of whose works are featured, include: James Daugherty, Genevieve Foster, Albert Marrin and of course the D’Aulaires.  These classical sets are a perfect way to start or expand your homeschool literature library. Purchasing an entire collection is also an ideal way of saving money by buying in bulk.

Besides books, the company has also developed and sells beautifully-illustrated time lines, designed to reinforce the major events and key figures of history.  The hands-on time lines go along with their History through Literature courses.


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