Bechtel Books – Speedy Spanish and More

By Michael Leppert

Bechtel Books is a family business located in the Cascade Mountains, which avidly serves Christian schools and homeschoolers with excellent books, curriculum and supplemental materials. Their website, is a one-stop for a wide variety of excellent, imaginative homeschool resources, including some wholesome true stories from Rod & Staff, CAM, and Christian Light books.

The Bechtel family has been serving Christian homeschoolers for over 20 years and they bring excellent products besides books, such as Bible-verse posters to be colored and hung on the wall. Bechtel also allows you to copy the posters for your own use! Another interesting product offered is a set of Christian Ethics—a study of the book of Proverbs for junior high and high school age students -- a textbook, a workbook, answer key; tests and answer key are also available. The teaching of the subject of Ethics is sorely needed today and good materials are often difficult to find.

Another popular and very valuable section of Bechtel’s catalog is that of Spanish Language learning. While many Americans think of Latin America when they think of Spanish, in reality, it is one of the oldest Western European languages and Spain has some of the most significant literature and history of any country. Besides that, Spanish is quickly becoming the second- or third-most important language in the world, with over 350 million native speakers and many more secondary speakers. Because there are so many native Spanish speakers in the U.S., it is relatively easy to hear it spoken personally and practice conversationally. Another benefit is that Spanish makes an excellent “gateway” language for the study of Italian and a supplemental study language to Latin. Spanish and Latin have much vocabulary in common and some linguists believe that Medieval Latin (at least) was pronounced like modern Spanish, so it provides some of the only pronunciation insights available to today’s Latin student.

Bechtel’s could very well be a one-stop for learning Spanish. They offer a Speedy Spanish Primer course especially for the preschoolers through 2nd grade. They also have a first and second year course in conversational Spanish. Speedy Spanish I is a first year course with tests, extra practice and answer keys and accompanying CDs to provide pronunciation assistance and guide in correction of workbook. It teaches vocabulary, sentence structure, Bible verses and songs with a Bible vocabulary. Speedy Spanish II is the second year course with translating and verb conjugations and has the same format as Book I. Each book comes with Vocabulary flash cards for the student to make.

Speedy Spanish also is being used to teach Spanish speaking people English since all the sentences and work is in English and Spanish. You just teach it from the Spanish to the English. Bechtel’s offer an extensive group of Spanish language products including Histories de la Biblia, a 135-page book of 60 simply-told Bible stories in Spanish. Each one has questions and answers and a short memory selection.

Used in conjunction with a Spanish dictionary, the simplicity of such a volume will provide wondrous results in a short time. Two other excellent items in the Spanish language section are Puzzles for Spanish 1 and 2. These consist of crossword puzzles, scramble and word-search puzzles in Spanish. The puzzles can be copied and worked more than once, and again, the simplicity of the application makes it perfect for learning the new language. Other Spanish-learning products include the Bible-verse Poster in Spanish; the Spanish Alphabet with CD; the Spanish Sing-a-Long with CD to aid in learning the sixty songs in books one and two; the Bible in Spanish; and a variety of Latin American coloring books. With the potent Spanish historical influence in the Southwestern United States, becoming conversant in the language and culture of Spain and Mexico may also spark an interest in learning about the California Missions, the settling of Santa Fe, New Mexico and much important activity in Arizona and Texas.

Please visit the website and allow Bechtel Books and their Speedy Spanish products to enhance a wide swath of your homeschooling experience. MjL

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