Block Publishing – Encouraging Children To Learn About Their World
1120 Forest Avenue, #306
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

by Emerson Sandow

We hear much about doing work that is in harmony with our personalities and interests. Products that are created by people who are satisfied and pleased with what they do, usually exhibit a high degree of quality and imagination.

Ms. Cheryl Block, M.A., founder and owner of Block Publishing, has accomplished this feat of reaching the goal of “right work” and her products show it! Ms. Block has been a lifelong teacher, from her early post-degree days of teaching special needs students in Kansas to present-day volunteering as a Docent at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. Along the way, Cheryl also wrote or edited some of the excellent products from the Critical Thinking Company, so combining the two skills of teaching and writing into one produces the logical next step -- Block Publishing. Her company’s mission is to create original materials that encourage young children’s natural drive to learn about their world -- to attempt to satisfy the insatiable curiosity that all children possess. She feels that science is the perfect center point to accomplish this goal, as it presents such a wide array of skills and interests – including math as well as the many branches of earth science. Ms. Block also wishes to instill a love of nature into her young readers.

Block Publishing offers an innovative and excellent line of children’s books with accompanying CD-Roms, developed by deeply-experienced designer, Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds, to bring your family a multi-media and entertaining way to teach various aspects of science and other subjects. The CDs contain expanded activities and more information about the main topic, which could be an octopus, a blue whale or a spider.

For instance, in “The Rainbow Web”, the story in the picture book is about a spider that spins a rainbow web. The illustrations begin in black & white, and the primary colors are discussed as each one is added to the web. The corresponding CD contains activities centered around the story and more information about spiders and colors, as well. Each page is very pleasing to the eye, thanks to the skill of long-time freelance artist, Mr. Gene Takeshita.

The Block Publishing website offers a great deal of homeschooling material, as well. Block Publishing places importance on having a child observe nature and to that end, offers tips and insights for the homeschooling family for developing the skills of observation and also for guidance on creating a lab notebook. E.S.

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