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Available in Spanish, French, German and Latin

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Review by Linda K. Foster

Whether you’re a businessperson, student, or traveler, brushing up on a language or interested in learning a new one, Power-Glide, available through BrainGrow, is a fast, fun and effective source for learning a second language.

A plethora of research exists supporting the personal, cognitive, academic and societal benefits of learning a second language. An obvious personal benefit is having an expanded access to people and resources. Students speaking more than one language are able to communicate with more people, read more literature and function more fully while traveling. Second languages afford alternative ways of expression and help foster an appreciation for the customs and achievements of other cultures. Research regarding cognitive benefits reveals that students instructed in a second language are often more creative and better at complex problem solving. Some studies also suggest that bilingual or multi-lingual students outperform monolingual students on both verbal and nonverbal tests of intelligence. These studies seem to suggest that the ability to speak more than one language enables students to achieve greater intellectual flexibility. The College Entrance Examination Board reports that students who averaged four or more years of foreign language study scored higher on the verbal portion of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). Findings by the Examination Board are consistent with other studies suggesting that studying a second language for a number of years may contribute to higher SAT scores.

With the benefits of learning a second language established, the best method of learning needs to be determined. With few exceptions, language-learning methods have not changed much in the past 50 years, typically offering “listen and repeat” forms of learning. However, one linguist, Dr. Robert Blair, took a revolutionary step, putting the best of the learning methods together into a systematic learning process, which is now known as Power-Glide. From it’s founding, the mission of Power-Glide has been to revolutionalize the way people learn foreign languages. Courses are based on methods developed by innovative language teachers and used by students from elementary age to adult. Course designer and founder, Dr. Robert W. Blair, is foremost among his peers in language teaching and his passion for how languages are learned permeates his courses and inspires everyone to uses the products

Developed by linguists, not marketing strategists, Power-Glide language courses in Spanish, French, Latin and German, offer real language-learning methods to enforce internalization of the language. The main goal of the Power-Glide courses is to create a student who is competent and confident in conversation, teaching grammar and very conjugation through various methods without placing emphasis on it. By the time students finish the Power-Glide course, they will have gained competency in reading, understanding and writing at a second year high school level, with speech two years beyond that.

Power-Glide is an age-specific, fully accredited language curriculum program that meets the National ACTFL Foreign Language Standards. The courses are book and audio-based and are also delivered in electronic formats. These finely tuned courses make it possible for students to IMMEDIATELY use their chosen language in real situations; LEARN the practical applications needed; DEVELOP vocabulary through entertaining stories and games; MASTER easy and effective memory tricks; and DISCOVER ways to practice wherever a laptop or CD player is available.

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1. is Accredited
2. is Aligned to National Standards
3. Offers Age specific Coursed
4. Reaches Multiple Kinds of Learners
5 Utilizes Many Learning Activity Types
6. Has Adventure Based Themes-They're Fun and Exciting
7. Methodology is Research Based and Effective
8. Courses are very easy to use for Both the Parents and Kids
9. Etc, etc, etc...

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