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Branson Academy

Homeschooling can be an intimidating matter for many parents, but luckily Branson Academy is there to help. With more than twenty-five years’ experience, the people at this academy know what they’re doing, and deal entirely with students learning at home, whether it is independent study, unschooling or homeschooling.

“A child’s training and teaching begins at home,” say the people of Branson Academy.  “The first smile, the first step, the first words are accomplished because of the efforts of loving parents. Home-based education allows parents to continue that close relationship, sharing values, strengthening their children’s hearts and minds, and preparing them to be independent, self- sufficient and responsible adults.”

This is a private school located in Aromas, California, near Monterey Bay, although, because it deals with homeschool, there are no classrooms there. They are established within the State of California (E.C. 33190), operating a K-12 Independent Study Program (ISP). This can ease the minds of any parents worried about legality, and can make homeschooling more ‘authentic’ in the eyes of many people, compared to studying at home without a school with which to be associated. Branson Academy provides a study outline, as is required by California law.

In addition to helping with any legal issues, Branson Academy strives to do anything it can to help parents educate their children. They are available year ‘round to aid in numerous aspects, including choosing curriculum and providing instruction across grade levels. They supply a conciliatory Independent Study Program, complete with its own step-by-step instructions. The K-12 Instructional Package, a must-have in terms of information and resources, delivers more than one hundred pages of details, and is given upon enrolling.

What Branson offers in these instruction pages is remarkable in its depth and scope.  The Course of Study Requirements gives particulars to assist in planning lessons; Learning Styles is there to discover the best way that individual children learn and hence, tailor their education; Teaching Your Own K-12, along with studious instructions, is full of the anecdotes of homeschoolers; and Resources for Independent Learning gives off useful lists of books, free online curriculum and information on homeschool products.  Branson Academy goes all-out in doing everything it can to make its enrolled students have a successful and shining experience.

This is still only the beginning. Additionally, the school keeps track of every student’s records, including health records, transcripts and portfolio files.  Records of the student’s work are required to be sent in at quarterly intervals. The paperwork for this is supplied upon tuition with easy guides on how to fill them out. Home educators turn in details on attendance, annual outlines and semester evaluation.  This is done to keep the academy in perfect legality with state rules.

Diplomas are available for those who graduate high school. While doing everything it can to help, Branson still knows the importance of having homeschoolers decide for themselves the courses they wish to take in their learning. Any questions can be given to them, by email or phone, any time of the year and they’re happy to answer. Those who are enrolled are able to go at their own learning pace, taking their time if they so wish, or graduating early if they’re able to do so.

While making homeschooling itself as easy as can be, enrollment is as simple as a few clicks on the website. For anyone who would rather do it the old-fashioned way of through the mail, this is equally acceptable. For one child, a year’s tuition fee is $300, with a $60 yearly tuition fee for any additional children. There are further charges for record/transcription requests, high school diplomas and telephone consultations, with details of these prices given on their website.  Once the tuition fee is paid, the child is officially enrolled and the wealth of packages and instructions will be delivered within the next seven to ten days.

With its friendly help, legality and flexible learning courses, it’s no wonder that Branson Academy is such a success. Many testimonials come in from parents thrilled with this program. 

“It was an amazing experience,” says G.P. of Santa Cruz, California. “I would recommend home school and Branson Academy to anyone.”  P.F. of Salinas, California, has more words of praise:  “I am so pleased with your input and obvious concern for my son’s education. We thoroughly enjoy the independent study program.”

The founders of Branson Academy, who homeschooled their own children, speak words of wisdom about this form of education.  “Home-based education is a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to learn, explore, and grow together through the years. We have developed our support services to assist you in this great adventure.  Enjoy the journey!”  Enjoying the journey through the support of Branson Academy is exactly what countless families are doing.

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