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Builder Books

Building a Strong Educational Foundation

By Linda Pliagas

With so many web-based stores selling educational materials, how does a parent know which curriculum fits best into their homeschool setting?

            This important question is just one that Patty Alberg, owner of Builder Books, answers on a regular basis from homeschool parents.

When asked what separates Builder Books,,
 from other online book stores, Alberg immediately replies: “Customer service”. 

            “We’ve been homeschooling for many years,” Alberg says, “We can answer questions parents have about which books fit best into their program.”

            The reason that Alberg started Builder Books was specifically to help homeschooling parents who were confused about which curriculum to choose or which learning style was best suited for their children.

Alberg says many parents who call them “do not have a clue” as to where to start.
            She learns about their needs by asking numerous questions and then pinpoints them in the right direction.  “Each family is unique and we can help find the best choices for them and their children so they don’t waste time and money.”
            The company prides itself on having direct homeschooling experience.  “Everybody that has ever worked with me has either been a homeschool mom or has been homeschooled,” she says.
            Since 1984, Builder Books,, has been servicing home educators with their printed catalogs, via email and through their website. 
            “We are committed to making available the best materials at the best prices to aid you in educating and training your children in the way they should go,” Alberg states.
            Since the entire staff at Builder Books has homeschooled, they evaluate the products from a very personal standpoint. “We offer items that are proven to be appropriate for home learning and fit various learning and teaching styles.” Alberg adds.
            Besides exceptional and personalized customer service, Alberg says that what differentiates them from other online bookstores is their record of quick delivery; most orders are shipped within 24 hours and rarely is there a backorder.
            Builder Books,, has virtually every subject covered from art and foreign language to history and mathematics.  Their large inventory includes both mainstream popular selections like Usborne and Bob Books to less known titles that may not be backed by large marketing budgets, yet nevertheless offer exceptional learning opportunities.
            Besides books that satisfy even the most unconventional of curriculums, Builder Books,, also offers a variety of felt sets, which are perfect for increasing imagination and for keeping little hands busy and active.
            I also like their audio cassette collection, which is currently 30% to 40% off! Parents who are on a tight budget will also appreciate the variety of deals offered by Builder Books under their “Special Offers” category.
            In addition to selling books from other publishers, Builder Books,, has published four books that would have gone out of print had they not taken on that responsibility. The Humpties Grammar books provide a uniquely  “hands-on” introduction to the parts of speech, and Diagramming: The Key to Understanding Grammar offers a clear presentation that students grasp painlessly. Writing Step by Step, offering a proven, simple method to organizing all writing tasks, from the paragraph to the essay, has had amazing results with students of all ages.

Visit Builder Books at . Don’t forget to request a catalog by snail mail.


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