Calvert School – Bricks & Mortar To Internet

 by Michael Leppert

In the homeschooling world, while it is very helpful when a company springs up virtually out of nowhere and begins offering online instructional programs to homeschooling families, it is even better when an established company or organization does so. Calvert School in Baltimore is such an organization. The bricks-and-mortar Calvert School has been serving local students and distance learners for over 108 years and now, Calvert offers the same high-level academic products via the Internet.

Calvert has served homeschooling families with its famous “curriculum in a box” correspondence programs, with teacher grading and oversight or without. Everything is in the box, down to pencils and erasers. The parents have to buy nothing else to begin right in teaching a Kindergarten or First Grade child (or any other primary grade). The Teacher’s Manual gives clear and detailed guidance on how to move through the program day by day. If the family opts in to the Teacher Advisory program, help is just an e-mail away. For those who enjoy a traditional schooling experience, Calvert is tops. Their books and other materials are the highest possible quality in both content and form, written by some of the best academic developers in the country and combined into a unified whole that is fun to use and academically successful.

Rising from this strong foundation, for ten years Calvert has been offering consistently more Web-based products and services, including interactive courses and real-time teacher assistance to complement its popular “hard copy” products.

One of the beauties of the Calvert approach is that it is flexible. Families can finish the program in one school year, or take longer if they wish. This allows you to customize the time-table to fit your child’s needs and skills. Such a flexible method removes the stress of school but maintains the high academic standards Calvert is famous and popular for.

Despite the fact that Calvert is among the most successful teaching institutions in the country, they do not rest on their laurels; rather, they are constantly developing new ways to serve the learning public. To wit: Calvert now has a companion program, Verticy  Learning Academy, for children with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, reading, spelling and other language-based challenges. Verticy uses special up-to-the-minute learning strategies and research-based techniques to make your child’s learning experience all that it should be, no matter the challenge! You can visit the website at for detailed information. MjL

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