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Fifteen Minutes a Day for Spelling Power
By Beverly L. Adams-Gordon

Published by Castlemoyle Books • PO Box 520 • Pomeroy, WA 99347 • 509-843-5009

Your children will master the 5,000 most frequently used words at their own pace — in just 15 minutes a day — using the research-proven strategies outlined in the "original" Spelling Power.

Since it was first published in 1994, the Spelling Power program has been named Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards winner in the Spelling category every year since 1998 and is one of the Top 100 Picks by Cathy Duffy. The newest 4th Edition of Spelling Power keeps the award-winning approach while bringing the program into the 21st Century with the introduction of Spelling Power's new Digital Tutor and the Teacher Training DVD.

Spelling Power
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With Spelling Power, you give your children confidence in their writing. Everything you need to teach your entire family is found in the one "Big Orange Book," still the only complete spelling program written by a home educator for home educators.

All you need is 15 minutes a day and this book!

Spelling Power is a multisensory, multilevel, individualized spelling program designed to help your student master spelling skills in just 15 minutes per day. This 15 minutes requires approximately five minutes of your time (per student) and little or no lesson planning. Your student will typically use this 15 minute spelling session to complete three basic activities: pretesting from organized word lists, studying those words he needs to learn, and participating in skill building activities.

5 Minutes Pretesting Organized Word Lists

You will spend the first five minutes of each session retesting or pretesting words from Spelling Power’s Flow-Word-Lists. The Flow-Word Lists contain the 5,000 words most frequently used and misspelled by children and adults. These words are organized into eleven levels of frequency. Each of these eleven levels is further divided into word groups based on phonetic principles and spelling rules. Your student will master these words because a series of six reviews is built into each level. Spelling Power’s research-proven, special testing procedures begin the learning process.

5 Minutes Studying Misspelled Words

Following the teaching-test session, your student will study (on his own) those words that the pretest or his daily writing have shown he needs to learn. Your student will usually complete this activity in under five minutes. He will use Spelling Power’s ten special, multisensory study steps to master each of his personal spelling words. This process is completed on forms which guide your student through the steps proven most effective for learning how to spell words.

5 Minutes Building Specific Spelling Skills

Your student will spend the remaining five or so minutes of the daily spelling session involved in activities and playing games designed to teach, reinforce, and drill spelling words and skills. The "Games and Activities" section of the Spelling Power manual provides over 134 directions and ideas for hands-on games and activities which can be used during this portion of the spelling session. All of these teaching activities are indexed, so you will find it’s quick and easy to locate games which will benefit your student.
Spelling Power gives you everything you need to provide your student (from age eight to college level) a comprehensive spelling program. Even if you are new to teaching, you will find Spelling Power’s easy-to-understand, detailed, step-by-step directions show you exactly how to teach the program and how to adapt it to your student’s specific needs. You will find the “Quick Start Steps” and the in-depth material to which those steps direct you will make using Spelling Power easy and hassle-free, but, most importantly, effective!

What's new in the 4th Edition of Spelling Power

Spelling Power manual Quick Start DVD Resource CD-ROM Digital Tutor
-- Improved layout -- Step-by-step Guide -- Every form in the manual -- Custom lists for each child
-- Better graphics & larger type -- Shows real families using Spelling Power -- Searchable Word List -- Learn, drill, and test activities
-- One-page review of key points -- Chapters help ease your review -- Printable Activity Task Cards -- Track multiple children
-- Improved organization helps find resources -- High quality photography & Graphics -- Printable Group Rule Charts -- Printable progress reports
-- Features author Beverly L. Adams-Gordon   -- Use with any spelling word list

Even if you are new to teaching, you’ll find that Spelling Power’s all new, easy-to-understand Quick Start Steps and the included Quick Start DVD Seminar will help you give each of your students Spelling Power in just 15 minutes per day!

As with previous editions, Canadian/British spellings are included in both the Flow-Word-Lists and the Searchable Word  List to make it easier for non-American spellers to use. These alternate spellings appear in brackets behind the American spellings in the Flow-Word Lists (for example: color [colour]). In the Searchable List, the words appear in the correct alphabetical sequence, with a reference to the alternate spelling. This allows individual teachers to decide which spelling convention to teach.

For one low price you get the Spelling Power teacher’s manual, the Teacher’s Resource CD-ROM, and the Quick Start DVD Seminar. This one curriculum package is all you need to meet your entire family’s spelling instructional needs for a lifetime. Don’t be fooled by imitators… your family deserves the original "big Orange" Spelling Power program written for home educators by a home educator.

Also available "Binder-Ready"

Spelling Power is available in two binding methods. "Regular Binding" and "Binder-Ready." The insides are identical. Binder-Ready books come shrink-wrapped and 3-hole punched, ready to slip into a 2" binder.  You can even slip the covers into the cover of the binder.


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