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CENTRIFUGE LANGUAGE ARTS CURRICULUM - Not Only Content, But a Whole New System of Teaching

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By Kay Miller

One of the most difficult tasks of a homeschool parent is choosing an effective language arts curriculum. Many parents find themselves mixing and matching programs in an attempt to create the best match for their child.  And, for families with multiple children, a language arts program that works for one child often doesn’t work with another and what works one year, may not work the next. Taking this dilemma into consideration, Centrifuge Language Arts Curriculum designed a comprehensive K-12 language arts program that is adaptable to all academic levels and meets the needs of both accelerated and disadvantaged students. The curriculum framework features complete correlated coverage of 6 areas of language arts: phonics, English grammar, spelling, creative writing, penmanship and how to teach reading. 

Centrifuge Language Arts Curriculum features two underlying educational philosophies: CIT (Creativity, Individuality, Thought) and APP (Accuracy, Precision, Polish). This exciting curriculum is a change from a traditional language arts program.  It is a hands-on teaching method that inspires and motivates students to enjoy reading, write legibly, excel in creative writing and conquer English grammar.  Kindergartners will learn solid phonics, listening, reading, creative writing, and social skills.  Grade levels 1 through 3 will develop sophisticated skills in all areas of language and grade levels 4 through 6 will learn to put polish and accuracy to these skills. This unique approach will even continue to motivate junior and high school level students to perform their language skills with accuracy, precision and polish.  

The complete Centrifuge curriculum includes over 6000 pages of materials divided into seven learning levels with each level providing 170 days of easy-to-follow daily lesson plans and accompanying student activities. Each lesson plan is a comprehensive and well-written guide focusing on age specific language arts skills. Clearly written teacher’s manuals are also provided, along with instructional materials that include spelling lists by grades from kindergarten through 6th, poetry books for grades 3rd through 12th, English handbooks and the Zaner-Bloser Cursive Penmanship Guide.      

This well-balanced system is presented in a user-friendly CD-ROM format. Simple instructions are provided in the introduction to the CD and parents/teachers will find it extremely easy to locate any of the teaching materials they wish to print.

Centrifuge Language Arts Curriculum does not advocate rote memorization and mediocrity in learning.  Emphasis is placed on developing sound, fundamental skills and honing those skills to the best of, or even beyond, the student’s natural ability. It is a well-balanced constructed curriculum designed to inspire individual growth and progress, but it also requires diligent effort on the part of the student and close supervision by the parent/teacher.

Centrifuge Language Arts Curriculum is a student-friendly, but challenging program that will strengthen a student’s vocabulary and all other facets of language arts. This exciting approach to teaching language arts motivates, individualizes, appeals to creativity and keeps students on a purposeful task.  “It is not only content, but a whole new system of teaching.” For additional information or to purchase this exciting, fresh approach language arts curriculum, please visit www.centricurriculum.comK.M. ♦

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