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by Sylvia Bardelli

Trading cards have been popular since the days of the Honus Wagner-era 1890s baseball cards that came with cigarette packages. Besides sports cards there have been the Pokémon series and numerous other character-based card sets. One might think that all of the ideas for trading cards had been used by now.

But there is a new, intelligent twist to this time-honored collecting hobby. ChatterChix™ is an original and unique set of trading cards, designed for girls from age 5 to 12. They were created as a way to provide a concept of contemporary role models who represent timeless values of respect, responsibility and friendship.  The cards depict real girls who differ in many ways. Each girl lives in a different state and her card represents her home state, setting forth facts about it, such as the state capital, state bird and state’s nickname. Each girl differs in appearance, personality and lifestyle. The cards are designed to communicate to young girls that although we may share similarities, we all are different. The ChatterChix™ cards are encouraging and a fun way to learn about what other girls are doing around the nation – and some things about the nation itself.

 ChatterChix™ has its own interactive website that will be a source of information and entertainment for your child. The site is a safe haven for girls to read about each ChatterChix™ girl and see upcoming features. Each girl has a diary that has real entries and comments about possible real-life events and concerns. The ChatterChix™ website also offers a ‘Weekly Chatter’ area where girls can write in for advice on their life issues and concerns, and the site offers many other great features, such as to-do lists, educational games and creative activities. 

ChatterChix™ has a line of ChatterPets™ to complement the line of cards. Currently, there are 10 pet cards available. The pet line of cards is intended to teach girls about unconditional love, responsibility, kindness, compassion and trust. The ChatterChix™ cards that have a pet available will mention their pet in the write-up. This provides a fun way for children to learn about different types of animals as pets. Some of the girls have pets like dogs, cats, horses and guinea pigs, to name a few. The pets tell things about their lives with their owners in a fun poem-like format.

Parents will love everything about these trading cards. They are available at some stores across the nation and also online. You can even order a beautiful binder that is decorated in the ChatterChix™ theme and comes with a map of the United States, stickers and thick vinyl pages to hold your cards. The stickers are placed on the map when a card is received so the user can know which states she is still looking for. My kids and I had a wonderful time reading about the girls on the cards and then looking them up online and we think your girls will adore the site, the cards and the accessories. Visit the ChatterChix™ at   SB

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