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Driver's Education – Now in Every State!

Cost: $59 – State-specific California and Nevada courses        $19 – Generic course

By Linda K. Foster is an affordable ($59) online driver education program that meets the California requirements of a registered, private high school with the State of California Department of Education and is recognized by the Department of Motor Vehicles. It was developed by a former California State DMV Examiner, who continues on the staff, to provide updated information regarding legislation changes and safe driving techniques. All aspects of this course were designed with the new driver in mind and with the primary focus on providing tools necessary to acquire knowledge for safe and defensive driving, before the student gets behind the wheel. This home study course is completed in the comfort and convenience of the student’s home and is available 24/7 with no enrollment time limits. Without the unavoidable distractions present in a classroom setting, students are easily able to read, absorb, process and retain essential information. They work at their own pace, at times that are convenient to their schedules. Additionally, this home study course makes it possible for parents to oversee and interact in the process to assure the student’s understanding of traffic laws and readiness for driving. offers state-specific courses for California and Nevada and a generic course for all other states. The state specific courses are certificated courses in the traffic laws of California and Nevada offering comprehensive study materials that, upon successful program completion, qualify students 17 ½ years and under to obtain permits to drive. Each course is comprised of 36 lessons, quizzes and a final examination.  Lessons are written in a logical learning progression in order to establish a solid foundation of basic licensing information before progressing into the study of vehicle code laws, vehicular control and driver responsibilities. Students follow each lesson in order and must successfully complete associated quizzes before proceeding to the next lesson. With no time limit to the course, all lessons, quizzes and the final examination can be repeated as often as necessary until the required 80% final score is achieved.

The unique generic course offered by for the low price of $19 provides valuable information for both teens pursuing their first license and adults in need of a refresher course in traffic safety knowledge. This course does not offer any state-specific information or state approved certifications, however, it does offer an extensive look at rules-of-the-road and driving safety. Used in conjunction with local DMV handbooks, the course helps to prepare for licensing or “brushing up” on driving knowledge. As with the state-specific courses, the generic course is comprised of lessons and quizzes, which can be repeated as often as necessary to learn and remember the aspects of driving.

With a focus on traffic safety and education, is unique in its ability to provide generic drivers education courses throughout the United States and state-specific courses in both California and Nevada. For additional information or to enroll in any of the courses offered, please visit L.K.F.

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