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FYI Homeschool Books
by Linda Pliagas
FYI Homeschool Books

FYI Homeschool Books (, which stands for “For Your Information,” is anoffshoot of FYI Library Sales (, which began more than 15 years ago fulfilling book orders for school and public libraries across the nation. 

The company’s mission is to hand-choose quality books and offer them at the best prices possible. The staff of FYI Homeschool Books is made up of former library employees, so they know exactly what parents need to keep their children interested in reading. Additionally, their library science background helps them understand curriculum needs for every grade level.

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The CLCD Company, LLC

by Linda Pliagas

Whether you are a public school educator or a homeschool parent, The Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database ( has exactly what you need to wisely choose the appropriate and inviting literature for your most treasured audience. 

Studies indicate that introducing books early on in children propels them to develop a life-long love not only of the printed word, but also of learning in general.

The Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database (, known as The CLCD Company, Inc., is a complete and ever-expanding database featuring more than one million records for books, audio books, videos, and CDs, pre-K through 12th grade.  In addition, stores more than 300,000 reviews of books that target children and young adults. Nearly 4,500 reviews are also added nearly every month.

The reviewers represent multiple viewpoints; they cover every major English-speaking country. One of the best features of the is the fact that it is very user-friendly and makes it convenient for parents to easily review and plan a schedule of reading for homeschooling. Some books also offer teaching guides, which were created by the authors.  These guides make suggestions for a book’s use across the curriculum.
I enjoyed the way the website was broken down with ideas for books to read for the month. The online book database easily draws viewers in and expands their appreciation and love of reading.

For this month, is featuring the following categories:

            Valentine’s Day: Won’t you be my sweetheart?

            Black History Month: This is a good time to reflect on America’s past and present.

            Snow: For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, February can be a cold and snowy month.

            Cinderella: The story of the girl who rises from ashes to become a beautiful princess is found in
                                 many cultures.

            Searches of reviews of specific titles can be also be facilitated by punching in the name of the author or illustrator. Grown-up book lovers will also love the special feature on that instantly connects you with the favorite authors from your childhood past. 

For example, upon browsing the website, I learned that Judy Bloom’s birthday is on February 12 and with a click of the mouse I landed right in front of Ms. Bloom’s homepage. Her photo flashed before me along with new titles I had not yet seen before. This fun feature is perfect not only for educational research, but for a bookworm’s recreational study.

The Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database ( is the portal for children’s book information, Karla Schmit from Shippensburg University sums it up with her written quote, which is displayed on the cover of CLCD’s brochure, “Every author, every title, every time.”

The Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database ( has a core mission to help teachers, librarians, childcare providers and parents make appropriate literary choices.

 “I founded this business because reading is the most important skill there is in determining a child’s future success,” says Marilyn Courtot, a former librarian turned company president. She adds: “It [reading] takes root early on with infants and board books and it never stops growing.”

For more information, please visit: or call 1-800-469-2070

Orca Book Publishers – Excellent Fiction for Young Readers – Reluctant – and Not!

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Orca Book Publishers offers a unique and refreshing eye in handling great books for young readers. Orca provides excellent fiction reading for struggling and non-struggling readers alike.

Useful for all readers, including those who are struggling, Orca Book Publishers introduced the Orca Currents series several years ago. Consisting of 35 titles, Currents provides short, contemporary novels for middle-school readers that are readable and popular. Written at a grade level of 2.0 to 4.5, these books are perfect for struggling and striving middle school students.

Orca has always stressed the importance of story and using established authors and they have quickly built a wide audience for these books. In-depth teachers’ guides are also available.

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