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Frankie Dove Publishing
-New Children's Book's- Nosy (Now Available)

Learning By Grace, Inc.

Click to learn more is the premier provider of online education for Christian homeschool families. Through our niche defined online academies that collectively appeal to homeschoolers everywhere, we offer affordable PreK-12 teacher-led courses and curriculum solutions that are changing the world’s view of online education.

Our homeschool curriculums are flexible, enabling students to work at their own pace. Special needs students, quick learners, and all students in-between achieve academic success by taking as much time as they need to comprehend the course material.

Our academies provide an alternative to the negative influences that permeate the nation’s public schools – such as worldly thinking, humanist teaching and moral relativism. Free your children of peer pressures, distractions, and a rigid Educational formula and empower them to reach their true God-given potential.

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Canon Press
By L.K. Foster

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What makes a life less petty? At Canon Press, they aim - as a Christian publisher - to encourage intellectual, moral, and spiritual improvement in the lives of their customers. One element of this is teaching sound Christian doctrine. But doctrine by itself cannot make your life full and rounded out. Canon Press seeks to recover a sense of the beautiful by asking -- "What is true?" and "What is good?"  They believe sound theology always leads to the love of beauty. For Christian parents, this poses a particular challenge: How do you teach your kids to appreciate what is true, good, and beautiful, in a world increasingly infatuated with all things modern. With this in mind, Canon Press seeks to provide books and audio to help parents rise to the challenge. Here are a few of the products the offer.

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Teach Your Children Proper English can help

Do you long for the days of the past when civility was in style? Are you tired of hearing people around you butcher the English language?
            If you wish to instill fondness for proper vocabulary in your children, then be sure to include Webster's 1828 Dictionary in your homeschool library collection.
            “The dictionary itself has no slang in it” explains Bonnie Noland, director of operations at and its parent company, Christian Technologies, Inc. (  She adds: “It was written not very long after the founding of our nation.  The English language of this time was close to the language of our Founding Fathers.”


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One of the greatest advantages of homeschooling is being able to develop a course of study that fits your child's individual needs, talents, and interests. Homeschooling allows you to build on a child's natural curiosity and develop a love for learning that lasts a lifetime. But, oh, the choices we now have!

There are so many opportunities for many curriculum many hands-on many projects and activities available.

How do we choose?
How do we put it all together?
Where do we start?
Or where do we go from here?

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