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Chronicle Books

Card Decks Offer a Creative and Portable Way for Homeschoolers to Learn

By Linda Pliagas

Would you like to teach your homeschooler in a new way, without having to plop a bulky, intimidating textbook on the table?  If you’re looking for a way to bring back the fun in learning, then it’s time to close those word-only books shut and instead flip through colorful card decks.

Card decks offer a creative, portable and fun way for your child to learn. One of the best features of educational card decks is that they can be easily slipped into a purse or bag and…viola…now you can teach your homeschooler in a whole new environment…in your yard, at the park, or even at the beach.  With educational card decks, you and your homeschooler can make any location your makeshift school.

Finding the perfect educational cards is easy now that Chronicle Books, an award-winning publishing company in San Francisco (founded in 1967), have published a variety of educational cards for all ages and disciplines.

The World Almanac for Kids Puzzler Decks offers a variety of card choices depending on children’s ages and desired subjects.

Home educators of younger children will want to add the EARLY READING card deck to their scheduled lessons. The deck includes seventy-five curriculum based activities, which were created to develop skills in counting, reading comprehension, science, number recognition and math.

The card decks are also available for older children up to age 13. Teenagers will appreciate the vibrant and entertaining VOCABULARY AND WORDPLAY deck or the WORLD HISTORY & GEOGRPAHY cards. These decks are perfectly tailored for older students and they are packed with brain-twisting games, puzzles and riddles. The cards feature entertaining jokes, which reinforce the philosophy that learning should be a fun and enjoyable activity, not a boring chore

The World Almanac for Kids Puzzler Decks is packed with engaging puzzles, funny riddles and fascinating facts. Children will enjoy learning new information while gazing at the colorful and vibrant cards.

Home educators can choose card decks to fit virtually any age level and any educational discipline: early reading, United States and world history, science, vocabulary, geography and mathematics.

With such an affordable price point (under $10!), The World Almanac for Kids Puzzler Decks offers are a perfect way for home educators to expand their curriculum without investing in expensive textbooks.

The World Almanac for Kids Puzzler Decks were developed by Lynn Brunelle, a former classroom teacher, best-selling children’s book author, and an Emmy-Award winning writer. 

Brunelle, who also developed the popular board games, Cranium and Brainquest, has received a lot of media attention for her educational show, Bill Nye the Science Guy.  She is also a regular contributor to NPR’s Science Friday Kid Connection and has written for PBS, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic World and Family Fun magazine.

So next time your homeschoolers are fussy and uncooperative about learning their lessons, don’t lose your cool.  Simply gather your card decks, pack a picnic and take the learning outdoors.  After all, a change of scenery may do you good as well.

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