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Review by L.K. Foster

If you’ve ever put together a school or community children’s concert, you know just how difficult it is to select appropriate music, find vocal and orchestral accompaniment and, finally, to get permission to legally use the music. Good news—Classroom Classics offers a “pain free” solution to your production woes. All you need to add is location and, of course, singing children.

Classroom Classics currently produces 15 musical programs designed for classroom and community performances. Patriotic, History, Values, Seasonal, Scouting and Environment programs provide a variety of lively and contemporary sounding music with the added bonus of teaching sound values, history lessons and patriotism.

The newest offerings from Classroom Classics are “A Song for Every Holiday” (featuring fun songs for 19 holiday events), “Kids Against Violence” (including “No One Likes a Bully”, “Self-Control”, and “Good Habits”), and “Heroes” (a tribute to American heroes). Songs are about taking responsibility for protecting our freedoms, doing the right thing, expressing gratitude through active patriotism, and solving problems together. Each song is carefully selected to teach, entertain, and inspire children while providing an opportunity to sing with a full orchestral accompaniment.

All Classroom Classics programs can be purchased in individual CDs/cassettes or in “Performance Packets”. CDs/cassettes are professionally orchestrated for school and community performances and include vocal tracks (with children voices) and orchestral accompaniment tracks. “Performance Packets” help keep productions as “stress free” as possible by including vocal models, minus tracks (orchestration), lyrics, and narration to tie the music together. All of these reasonably priced products ($10-$15 for CDs/Cassettes, $2.50 for sheet music, and $30 for Performance Packets) fit nicely into nearly every music budget.

Many of the Classroom Classics songs and programs have been performed on local and national network television and for United States Presidents. The United Nations also used the “We Can Save Our Planet” program at their world wide environmental summit. Isn’t it time you used one of these exciting and inspiring programs for your school or community event?

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