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The Macabi Skirt is Fashionably Modest yet Adventure Friendly
Review By Linda Pliagas

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Summer is right around the corner and the Macabi Skirt® is the perfect article of clothing to usher in the warm season.  With its modest appeal and versatility, the Macabi Skirt is both fashionable and functional. 

The Macabi Skirt is a must-have for every adventurer’s closet.  Carol Louder, creator and owner, chose to work with Supplex®, the high-tech nylon that looks, feels and breathes like soft cotton.  Supplex® is windproof and breathable, cottony soft, yet strong. It’s water-resistant and quick drying, stain and fade resistant, lightweight and packable.

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Round Belly
Review By Linda Foster

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Expectant and nursing mothers seeking “Mother Earth friendly” clothing will be thrilled with the exciting line of clothing and accessories offered by Round Belly Clothing. Every aspect of this innovative company was developed with Mother Earth in mind. All of the clothing is manufactured from a variety of ecospun, organic cottons and hemp. The office paper is recycled, and most employees save gas and other expenses by working out of their homes to create a sustainable lifestyle that is gentle on Mother Earth and Mothers to be.

Round Belly Clothing arose from the frustration of a pregnant woman who couldn’t find anything to wear that would go over her belly past the 6th month stage. On the advice of her mother, she designed and continues to market soft, pretty and comfortable maternity clothing that is large enough to accommodate babies destined to be 9 or 10 pounds or more at birth. Clothing items are beautiful and stylish, are designed to make the round belly an asset, and can also fit tall and large women.

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