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Beacon College
Columbia College
Cottey College
L.A. Trade Tech College
Northern Arizona University

Beacon College

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Many intelligent individuals have learning disabilities.  These individuals need to learn how to tap into learning strategies which help them process, retain, and transfer knowledge and information.  If you are an individual with a specific learning disability you are in the company of many prominent individuals. Famous people in all walks of life, from government to entertainment,  have dealt with learning disabilities or dyslexia or ADD/ADHD:  Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, dyslexia; fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, dyslexia; former NFL quarterback Terry Bradshaw, AD/HD; and Virgin Records CEO Richard Branson, dyslexia.

Students with learning disabilities process information differently. These students need to receive information in a manner that makes sense to them. It is okay to process information differently.  It is not okay is to have to struggle within traditional learning environments to makes sense of the content and the knowledge, to bring that information into the student’s schema.  Too often the typical, large-classroom lecture setting at many universities plunges the student with learning disabilities into a downward spiral of juggling information and figuring out or trying to figure out how to grasp the information. This is the point where Beacon College shines in bringing that information home to students who have learning disabilities.

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CollegePlus! – Your College Degree Faster, For Less, & For Sure!

Are you looking for an alternative to the exorbitant costs and one-size-fits-all approach to college studies? Having a college degree in hand is a must when applying for many jobs today. There’s no need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on tuition or years of wasted time chained to a college classroom.

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CollegePlus! is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Now you can earn your degree for under $15,000 and in two years or less! This program is great for homeschoolers who are highly motivated and work well on their own. In fact, many homeschoolers are combining high school and college to graduate with their bachelor’s degrees when their peers are finishing high school!

CollegePlus! students take ownership of their education by studying at their own pace and amassing college credits at an accelerated rate, finally graduating through a regionally accredited distance learning college. They do this by taking CLEP and DANTES tests that are worth college credits and are accepted at over two thousands colleges and universities around the country. This process, called credit by exam, costs significantly less than the per credit fees at the typical college and university—each exam costs about $80 and is worth between 3 and 12 college credits. Compare this to $250 per credit at a brick and mortar university and the cost different becomes obvious.

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Columbia College

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About Online Campus
If work, military or family obligations have kept you from attending a
traditional college, you are an excellent candidate for pursuing your
college degree online. The Online Campus at Columbia College offers you an
affordable and convenient option for earning your college degree.

Founded in 1851, Columbia College prides itself on its ability to change
with the times by offering educational programs that meet the needs of an
ever-changing society. The college often has been among the first colleges
to try "daring experiments" in higher education such as educating women or
military personnel and adult learners through evening classes. Nearly 16,000
students take at least one online course each year at Columbia College.

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Cottey College-- the Perfect Fit for Homeschooled Girls

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Most homeschooling families appreciate the idea of providing moral and spiritual insulation for their children. This is one of the major reasons parents choose to homeschool and none ever seem to regret the choice. Raising our children with a sense of morality, ethics, wholesomeness and self-reliance is not isolation, but insulation. However, it seems to be difficult to find such an appreciation of wholesomeness in the "outside" world. Parents of young homeschooled ladies will be pleased to learn about one such place in the wide world that values our values; nurtures as we want our children to be nurtured -- no matter how "old" they may be.

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L.A. Trade Tech College – The Perfect Resource for Homeschoolers

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We homeschoolers understand the value of practical skills as part of raising a
well-rounded individual. While they certainly respect and strive for academic excellence, homeschoolers also know that achieving a college degree is not the
be-all of being knowledgeable and “well-educated.” Many are the stories of homeschoolers starting businesses with practical skills that spring from a true interest. We oft en chuckle at the idea of a person possessing a PhD who has no clue how to change a fl at tire, cook a simple meal or perform some other practical activity. The solution for such “top heaviness” is to learn reallife skills as well as academics – and downtown Los Angeles is home to the top resource for such learning in the Southwest – possibly the entire United States! It is Los Angeles Trade Tech College, a cozy, safe, tranquil, 25-acre campus, located amid the bustle of the City of the Angels, at Washington Boulevard and Grand Avenue, immediately off of the Grand Avenue exit on Interstate10 East.

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Northern Arizona University   Educación Española

Educación Española
Teaches Spanish en Su Casa
by Linda Pliagas

Hola! Have you ever wanted to learn a foreign language? Would you like to incorporate professional Spanish lessons brought to you by a leading university professor? Educación Española is an excellent way for beginning students to incorporate the study of a foreign language en su casa [at your home].

Developed by the on-camera professor, R. Scott Morris, Ed.D. (Roberto is his Spanish name), the DVD series is impressive in its high-quality production and introduction to Spanish in a friendly and relaxed manner.  The DVD is filmed from the Northern Arizona University.  The set is decorated with traditional Mexican décor, adding to the authentic flair and charm of the production.

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