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The Carpenter Has Arrived

“The Carpenter of Auguliere” is a charming fable that engages and enthralls.

The fate of the village lay in the hands of a stranger in whom the townspeople learned to distrust…” begs us to ask who this stranger is and why we should learn to distrust him.

“The Carpenter of Auguliere,” D. Wayne Dworsky’s latest work, engages readers from the start by the author’s ability to pen such descriptive details and vivid exchanges which invite the reader into the story. The book immerses you in another time.  His style of writing brings characters, locations and animals to life, making them leap off the page.

“The Carpenter of Auguliere” is a great book for adults and children of all ages.  The plot instantly grabs the reader and does not let go.  A stranger suddenly enters the lives of the villagers and changes them forever.  It is a wholesome, nonviolent story that takes place in a dilapidated mountain village where life is difficult. The heroine, a beautiful, young farm girl named Madeleine, who longs to escape the village, is forced to remain to take care of her ailing father.  You will learn to hate the antagonist, who manages to find a way to disrupt everything.  Yet the reader finds hope in the canyon of despair. 

This delightful story is bound to bring families together for vibrant nightly reading out loud.  “The Carpenter of Auguliere” is a great way to introduce and enjoy the art of old-fashion storytelling at its best.
“The Carpenter of Auguliere” is the classic tale of good versus evil.  The story is composed and crafted to read like a fable from yesteryear, but is a new story.
The story of the Carpenter came to Dworsky in a dream.  He says that the story and characters appeared so vividly that they enticed him to incorporate them onto paper and developed the theme into a fable.

The author writes with such flair, vitality and literary precision that it’s surprising to discover that his avocations are so vast.   He is a world traveler.  And his sojourns find their way into his writing adventures.
“…the author’s fine mind keeps you enthralled,” stated ForeWord Clarion Reviews in a recent critique of his work.

I found that statement to be true as I moved through the plot.  The character of Madeline is charming and captivating, and the story is written in a style that brings back a love of true literature.

Dworsky retired in 2004 from teaching and began to publish his stories and artwork under his company banner, Concrete Jungle Press.  Visit:, or visit his personal website at:  Discussion groups, blogs and comments on behalf of the author can be found at the Author’s Den Website at:  The company name is fitting for the Brooklyn-born, New Jersey-raised author who now resides in Queens, New York.

The press has a mission of promoting nature by revealing the hidden treasures in stories. Their goal is to rekindle the spirit of old-fashioned storytelling with a background of nature.

Dworsky writes: “Concrete Jungle Press is not about concrete, nor is it about jungles. It is about stories. It is about spirit. It is about nature. It is represented as a metaphor, which embraces nature in the city.”

To purchase the “The Carpenter of Auguliere” and learn about its publicity, discussions, summary, sample chapters and blogs, log onto: 

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