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CORE LEARNING - Featuring corefx Three Level

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Review by L.K. Foster

The mission of Core Learning has always been “To bring quality educational resources to school and learning environments where fundamental skill development is valued as a basis for higher learning and life skills.”  To fulfill this mission, Core Learning offers an array of software programs and books as supplemental learning resources designed to reinforce and consolidate the understanding of grade level curriculum, to assess learning needs and remediate skills to grade level, and to offer opportunities to enrich and accelerate learning. Products are well-designed and easy to use and follow sound and proven instructional design principles. Core Learning also believes “…computing technologies can effectively facilitate and manage learning especially where the software program is adaptable to different learning needs.”

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Core Learning’s most recent, and perhaps most exciting, product is corefx Three Level, a powerful, yet easy-to-use all purpose graphics program designed for those who can’t afford or can’t master Adobe Photoshop. Corefx Three Level is a state-of-the-art program with serious features, standard menus and an abundance of content. It is a drawing/painting, photo editing and animation creation program that does not require a voluminous user manual or steep learning curves. Corefx combines well-designed intuitive controls with a three-step interface making it suitable for beginners to advanced users of both computers and art and design. Corefx provides a comprehensive set of artist tools which can be applied directly onto the page.  Charcoal, felt tips, coloring pencils and many more can be used individually or mixed and blended to create a nearly limitless number of effects. Corefx also allows users to work with images from a wide variety of sources including digital photographs, image scans, web graphics and other sources.  Any image produced in Corefx can easily be saved on the web or for use with other software programs. Corefx also offers unlimited “undo” levels, a collection of commercial-free clip art that is expandable without any reduction of resolution, and the ability to easily add text to the pages. Of particular advantage to parents/teachers in public, private or homeschool settings is that the program can be individually customized to create as many levels of difficulty as may be needed for instructional purposes.

Level One includes different brushes, tools for straight lines and shapes, and hundreds of stamps in various categories. The drawing feature offers no less than 12 sets of tools, in any color or tip size. The tools let users scribble with waxy crayons (more pressure means darker lines) or let the paint bleed into the paper with watercolors or rich acrylics. Level Two adds additional brushes, pencils and drawing tools along with additional shapes on the toolbar and the ability to define new shapes. Level Three includes a full range of effects (lighten-darken, soften-sharpen), motifs to fill areas, paper textures, and the ability to work with multiple images and animations. Advanced users will find features that even Photoshop doesn’t have, such as a tutorial on making animated graphics and a quick redraw feature allowing users to fast-forward through a project, one stroke at a time.

The versatility of the program, combined with its extremely reasonable price makes corefx Three Level the best consumer level drawing program on the market for both children and adults. For additional information, to purchase this exciting product and to learn about Core Learning’s entire product line, please visit www.core-learning.comL.F.

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