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Columbia College
Skidmore College
University of Missouri High School
Upper Iowa University Correspondence Distance Learning Program

CollegePlus! – Your College Degree Faster, For Less, & For Sure!

Are you looking for an alternative to the exorbitant costs and one-size-fits-all approach to college studies? Having a college degree in hand is a must when applying for many jobs today. There’s no need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on tuition or years of wasted time chained to a college classroom.

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CollegePlus! is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Now you can earn your degree for under $15,000 and in two years or less! This program is great for homeschoolers who are highly motivated and work well on their own. In fact, many homeschoolers are combining high school and college to graduate with their bachelor’s degrees when their peers are finishing high school!

CollegePlus! students take ownership of their education by studying at their own pace and amassing college credits at an accelerated rate, finally graduating through a regionally accredited distance learning college. They do this by taking CLEP and DANTES tests that are worth college credits and are accepted at over two thousands colleges and universities around the country. This process, called credit by exam, costs significantly less than the per credit fees at the typical college and university—each exam costs about $80 and is worth between 3 and 12 college credits. Compare this to $250 per credit at a brick and mortar university and the cost different becomes obvious.

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Columbia College

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About Online Campus
If work, military or family obligations have kept you from attending a
traditional college, you are an excellent candidate for pursuing your
college degree online. The Online Campus at Columbia College offers you an
affordable and convenient option for earning your college degree.

Founded in 1851, Columbia College prides itself on its ability to change
with the times by offering educational programs that meet the needs of an
ever-changing society. The college often has been among the first colleges
to try "daring experiments" in higher education such as educating women or
military personnel and adult learners through evening classes. Nearly 16,000
students take at least one online course each year at Columbia College.

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Skidmore College – “University Without Walls”
By Michael Leppert

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Distance Learning is a popular concept among homeschoolers of all backgrounds and philosophies. Colleges and universities that support and promote the idea of learning without the student having to be on a campus are increasing and the programs offered via distance learning are also growing in scope. One of the oldest and most significant among the institutions of higher learning with a long history of understanding the value of learning at a distance is Skidmore College, a small liberal arts college nestled in the middle of the Hudson Valley, New York State.

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Upper Iowa University Correspondence Distance Learning Program
by Michael Leppert

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Upper Iowa University provides a tremendous resource for homeschooling students and working adults to complete an undergraduate degree in the flexible environment of traditional correspondence courses. The UIU correspondence program has been in operation since 1973 and was one of the first of its kind in the nation. While many universities offer correspondence courses in isolated subjects, very few offer full degrees completely by distance delivery methods. UIU provides 17 degrees in its External Degree Program, with 15 being completely by correspondence and 2 requiring some online work, but all 17 do not require any campus attendance at all! However, at least 30 credits out of an average of 120 total credits have to be through UIU and 36 units have to upper level courses. Therefore, if a student completed 36 units of upper level work at UIU, both of these requirements would be satisfied.

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