Autism Family Cruises and Homeschool & Unschooling Cruises

by Michael Sobbell
Alumni Cruises

Homeschool Learning Cruises

Where families come together for cruising and an educational vacationing experience.
The following Services and Interactive Activities on the Ports of Call
 visited on each cruise are what separates
"Homeschool on the Seas" from every other cruise!!!

• Pre-Cruise Curriculum Guide

• Educational Sessions

• Private Activities

• Private Group Sessions

• HotS Quest

• Post-Cruise Learning Package

Visit our website for Cruise Dates, Pricing and more Information.

Autism Family Cruises

"Autism on the Seas" is dedicated to servicing the cruising needs of families and individuals faced with autism.  We provide Group Cruises for a vacationing experience that is unmatched and an "Autism Cruise Package" for those individuals and families who wish to cruise on any date or ship of their choice. 

Some of our services/features include
Professional Autism Staff,
Priority Boarding & Disembarkation,
Private Muster Drill Area,  
Special Dietary Accommodations,
Private Group Family Party's & Movies,
Private Children’s Program & Ship Facility Entertainment Sessions,
Special Adventure Ocean Child Grouping,
Pool (water sensory related) Activities,
Private Group Family Activities: Scavenger Hunts, Arts and Crafts, Bingo, Karaoke, ect, 
Adults with Autism Social Gatherings,
Teen Social Gatherings,
Sibling Activities,
Parent's Play Time,
Private Dining Room/Area for all meals,
SAME Dining Wait Staff for all meals,
Special Gifts,
Special Children's Program Grouping Rules & Potty Training Provisions,
All of the Royal Caribbean Cruise regular services and activities.

All activities are structured to match each individual's abilities and accommodate people with autism of all ages.

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Unschooling Cruise Conferences

What makes these cruise events so unique and special is that they’re a luxury vacation combined with an Unschooling Conference. Having the Conference registration, food, activities, sessions, workshops and lodging all included in one affordable price makes taking part in this exclusive excursion for Unschooling families easy. All that’s required is your sense of adventure and your desire for fun, food and relaxation.
The best part is, you get to do all of this with others on the path of Unschooling!

Visit our website for Cruise Dates, Pricing and more Information.

“Autism on the Seas”, “Homeschool on the Seas” and “Unschooling on the Seas” are divisions of
Alumni Cruises, LLC

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