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Children’s Software Online -The Homeschoolers Software Heaven!

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If you are looking for educational computer software that’s fun, exciting and appropriate for your child, then you should experience Children’s Software Online (CSO) on the web at They approach the children’s software industry in a different way. With over 700 software titles, one would think ordering would be overwhelming. However, it’s not, because CSO provides guidance to their customers in more ways than one. Their website is very user friendly, with NO academic pricing forms to fill out or other requirements; you can search for software by age or by subject so there is less time searching and more time comparing the products you are interested in. If you are not sure what you want and don’t know what titles to pick, which can be the hardest task of all, you can contact their “Ask Our Expert” email service and they will help you decide what will be the most beneficial for your child. The expert is an experienced teacher that thrives on coaching parents to find the best academic supplement for their children. CSO is really in touch with the homeschool industry and they make every effort to gain feedback and to satisfy all of their customers. After all, customer satisfaction and providing top notch service is high priority. 

Some of the better known software characters offered at CSO are: Arthur, Carmen Sandiego, Clifford, Dora, Thomas the Tank Engine, Madeline, Lego, Jumpstart, Clue Finders, Jay Jay the Jet Plane, Reader Rabbit, Sesame Street, Typing, and more. Just to name a few of the brand names you can find at the Children’s Software Online are: Scholastic, Edmark, Encore, Disney, Simon & Schuster, Riverdeep, The Learning Company and more. You don’t have to count on just the character or brand name to make a decision on what software is best for you, CSO provides reviews for their products as well.  Many reviews (both good and bad) are provided for your convenience at Children’s Software Online (see ten listed below). You can read about the product from an experienced user and see how it measures up when “tested” by a real live user.  The software reviews are rated on a 1-5 star rating scale, 5 being the best, so it is easy to determine what is liked and what is disliked. What better way to see the quality of the product before the purchase? 

As a homeschooling parent, your job is to make learning fun and interesting. You can give your child the option to learn about what they want to learn about. A child that is interested in a specific area will excel in that area more than one that he or she is not interested in at all. Give your child the opportunity to choose his or her own software with the CSO Gift Certificate. With the gift certificate (emailed or shipped to the recipient) any child can go online and purchase whatever he or she is attracted to and would therefore benefit from. Half the battle of home education is getting the child’s attention.  If they’re fascinated with Dora, then use it to your advantage and purchase Dora learning software.  CSO provides only family friendly, non-violent computer software so you can trust that it is safe for your child to be online when they are on the CSO website.  Other services offered include “gift notes” and “gift shipping” so you can have your present directly shipped to the recipient at no additional charge.  Gift wrapping is also available for a nominal fee per order.

Best of all the PRICES at CSO will not burn holes in your pocket.  K-12 software prices are as low as $5.00 and average at only $14.98.  To top that off shipping is FREE and, are you ready for this…it usually ships the SAME or NEXT day! Sign up online for their free email list for coupons on software and to win software (your email is kept confidential.)

You can order online at using the secure website shopping cart, or, if you are more of a phone person, give CSO a call Toll Free at (866)774-8505.  N.P.

The following are just 10 of the many reviews on Children's Software Online's Website.


Crayola Amazing Animals

Crayola Amazing Animals Magic 3D Coloring Book breaks the mold for electronic coloring books! There are 3 coloring sections, one with dinosaurs in Jurassic proportions, marine wildlife under the sea and wild animals roaming jungles. With 20 exciting pages to color and over 40 colors, your child is unlikely to get bored quickly. "3D-lightful" Coloring is the theme with surprising sounds that reward creativity as you browse through the 13 spectacular 3D textures and patterns. Crayola Amazing Animals helps kids develop creativity and imagination, confidence in self-expression and early computer skills.

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Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss ABC

This program is great for pre-readers as it teaches the alphabet while entertaining with classic Dr. Seuss humor. Using interactive pages filled with colorful graphics and catchy music, children are apt to "pick up" all 26 letters without even realizing that they are being taught!

With a "Read-to-Me" Mode, even children who are unable to use the computer on their own yet, can get involved and learn electronically.

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Dora The Explorer-Lost City Adventure

We are avid fans of Dora the Explorer on television and my kids loved being able to get involved using the software at home. My 3 year old couldn’t believe it when Boots said, “Excelente” to him when he completed a task! This excitement soon faded as we played a few times. Although we enjoyed the game, my 5-year-old is of average intelligence and found the game lacking in learning skills. While the 3-year-old doesn’t request this game to play, he will still play it during the rotation of games that we use. His favorite activity is the Paint-By-Number, although we wish there were more pictures to choose from.

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Preschool Excelerator

Educator's Choice-Preschool Excelerator

Disc 1, Baby Wow
Educational software must be fun and entertaining to as it introduces youngsters to basic skills. Baby Wow fell short of this objective as its graphics were ‘flat’ and it lacked an interesting character to engage children. The interactive part of the program was limited to counting or seeing a rather boring reaction on the screen from a click of the mouse.

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Kids Spanish

Kids Spanish

Kids Spanish software program is not your typical children's educational software. In my experience with other software titles, you install the game, show your child how to get started and then watch them go. While I consider my children to be of average attention span, I couldn't seem to get them to sit at the computer for this one for any length of time. This spanish teaching program was not designed with children in mind. Although it shows the basics as far as numbers, letters and phrases, etc., it's not what I would consider "interactive".

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I Spy

I Spy Treasure Hunt

If you like the Scholastic "I Spy" books, then you are going to love the "I Spy Treasure Hunt" software. It's got all the great artwork like the book, only it's interactive. Instead of turning a page, you click your mouse to go in any direction. Once you're at a scene, you can find the clues and click on them to identify the treasures. There's lots of "hidden features" on this game that you discover each time you play. You can log using your username, then stop at anytime and it will remember where you've been. We had fun as a family looking for clues. Very interesting game!

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Madeline-European Adventures

The beloved world of Madeline, with its rhyme and mischief centered around a clever little girl who knows no fear, is elegantly captured in this adventure game for children five and up. The fun begins when a mysterious stranger steals a magic lamp and our little heroine begins tracking him down. The trail takes the player through four European countries and involves problem solving, logic, and memory skills. Young fans of Madeline will delight in activities, her smart solutions to tricky situations, and the opportunity to help Madeline solve the mystery.

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Paddington-World Mystery Tour

Looking for adventure?

Join Paddington on a trip to visit his Aunt Lucy in Peru on her 100th Birthday. Help Paddington pack his suitcase with items like a magnifying glass to read details on the map, a camera for snapping photos on his journey, and an album for storing souvenirs.Meet Mr. Gruber at his antique shop, find the map and test your geographical knowledge by locating cities and their landmarks.

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Sesame Street

Sesame Street-Reading Basics

Elmo's Reading Basics has 6 different activities and 3 skill levels to choose from. These activities include letter recognition and sounds, rhyming, and putting words and sentences together by filling in the blanks. It also helps build vocabulary and color and animal recognition. The graphics and audio are good and the game includes characters like, Elmo of course, Zoe, Cookie Monster, and Grover.

This game helps develop motor skills with simple point and click exercises.

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Typing Instructor

Typing Instructor-For Kids

WOW! This is by far the best typing software I have ever seen for kids! I have two children, ages 6 & 8 that I started using this software with about 1 month ago and I have seen tremendous results.

When they first started they learned where to put their fingers on the "home keys" and were typing very slowly. I was a little skeptical when I saw that my youngest was only getting 5wpm and I heard the announcer say that they have to get 15wpm to go to the coveted "Typer Island".

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