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By Linda K. Foster

This family-owned business provides a wide variety of competitively priced science teaching materials for use in elementary through college level courses.  Annelids, insects, crustaceans and plants are just a few of the living organisms offered by Connecticut Valley Biological Supply Company.   Also available, and extremely popular with Connecticut Valley Biological customers are Demoslides, a fast, easy way to study a variety of microlife.  Demoslides are culture tubes filled with healthy Connecticut Valley Biological living microorganisms.   The functionality of Demoslides makes it easy to understand the popularity of the product.   It is designed with a thin, flat observation chamber at one end that doubles as a microscope slide.  There is no need to open a Demoslide; just put it under the microscope and start exploring the world of microorganisms.  The cultures will last for several days so Demoslides can be used over and over again.   All of the cultures offered by Connecticut Valley Biological are grown in company laboratories under highly controlled conditions and are guaranteed to arrive in good condition.

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The popularity of CSI has created an interest in the field of forensic science and Connecticut Valley Biological has impressive array of products that will lead students through the science behind criminal investigations.  Among the products offered in this exciting field of science is the Forensics Essential Pack that includes a CD-ROM, Teacher and Student Resource guides and the video “Discover Magazine: Chemical Detectives”.  The Pack provides all of the material necessary for students to explore various methods of forensic investigation and to “uncover new facts to old stories.”  Materials also include engaging interactive exercises to test student knowledge.

The areas of Environmental Science and Nature Studies are covered with numerous kits, books and videos.  Using included dry cultures or collecting their own specimens, students can investigate how common pollutants affect microlife with the use of the “Why Is the Water Green” kit.   The Field Science Discovery Connect Kit makes it possible for single investigators or groups to explore the inhabitants of ponds, brooks, meadows and woods.  The kit includes a useful assortment of containers and tools and is packed in its own pail for easy carrying.

Human Physiology is studied through the exploration of blood typing and the capabilities and limitations of human sensory systems.  Taking into account  today's concerns about working with human blood, Connecticut Valley Biological kits do not supply or require any blood or blood products.  Artificial bloods and sera are provided for specimen typing with results closely approximating real blood typing.  The Understanding Human Senses Lab Investigation Kit affords students the opportunity to investigate the effects of various stimuli on the sensory system.  Hands-on experiments include testing the tongue’s sensitivity to various solutions, mapping the skin’s responsiveness to heat and cold and measuring the sense of vision and its limitations.

In addition to the exciting assortment of live organisms and exploration kits, Connecticut Valley Biological offers other products including books, charts, chemicals and replica skulls and skeletons all designed to supplement the students’ direct observations.

Connecticut Valley Biological is dedicated to providing reasonably priced quality products for the study of science.   Additional information is obtainable by visiting their website at or by contacting one of their dedicated customer service representatives at (800) 628-7748.  Unlike most other businesses, Connecticut Valley Biological does not use phone menus.  They offer friendly, knowledgeable “real live persons” to take your calls and answer your questions.

For true customer service and quality science products, contact the Connecticut Valley Biological Supply Company today.  L.F.

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