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Destination ImagiNation, Inc.

Destination ImagiNation, Inc. is about Youth and Creativity. It is the world’s largest processed based Creative Problem Solving organization, offering a community of unique and engaging creative problem-solving programs which include:

• Destination ImagiNation® - Flagship Program
• Tech Effects®
• DICor®
• Rising Stars!®
• projectOutreach®

These programs are meeting the diverse needs of schools, community groups, and organizations of various sizes, and ages in 50 states, and in 40 countries throughout the world.

Destination ImagiNation, Inc. helps kids develop a unique and critical skill set by emphasizing:

• Creativity
• Problem- Solving
• Teamwork
• Presentation Skills
• Confidence
• Research Skills
• Improvisational Skills
• Knowledge Application
• Collaboration
• Generating & Focusing Tools
• Project Management
• Time Management
• Creative & Critical Thinking Skills
• Budgeting Skills

All Destination Imagination programs are compatible with all school curriculum, where student teams can choose to solve structural, technical, artistic, improvational, or performance challenges.

Teams throughout the world present their solutions to these challenges in Regional, Affiliate, and Global finals tournaments. And while tournaments are a very important part of the program, the participant never loses; Destination ImagiNation is a win-win with everybody because through the process the skills gained are useful tools for the rest of the participants’ lives.

Destination ImagiNation is preparing leaders for the workforce of tomorrow!

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The Destination ImagiNation Inc. programs meet the diverse needs of home schooled children from ages four to eightteen.


Combining the energy of youth, the educational value of creative problem solving and the motivation of peer support and recognition, Project Outreach is a service/learning program. This dynamic program is an opportunity for teenagers through college/ university age to develop creative solutions to real community problems. Teams of four to ten members, working with an adult advisor, select a Challenge relating to education, social, political, environmental or cultural issues to design and implement a tangible solution that makes a positive impact on their community.

Destination Imagination

Enrichment Programs
Enrichment Programs is a full line of resources and services geared to serve day camps, residential and overnight camps, partial-day camps, weekend camps, retreats, community events and workshops for young people from ages 5 to 20 years. It provides participants with the opportunity to learn valuable, lifetime creative problem solving techniques and hone the CPS skills they learn.


Tech Effects

Tech Effects®
Tech Effects teaches elementary through high school teams about technology in a fun, hands-on way by asking them to explore a focus area of technology, then solve a cool and crazy Challenge implementing multiple examples of that technology. Teams are provided with the Challenge and a Tech Effects Learning Kit, which includes exploratory activities, a set of construction materials for the activities, portfolios for recording individual students’ discoveries, and TechFacts, a “briefing book” of sorts, devoted to the TechFocus. The Tech Effects Challenge asks teams to design, construct, and build a Tech Effects Contraption: a multi-step chain reaction contraption that solves a trivial task and includes multiple uses of the focus-area of technology (such as the Pulley System).

Rising Stars

Rising Stars!®
Introduced in 2002 to a great reception of young learners around the world, the Rising Stars! program provides a fun and engaging introduction to creativity and problem solving for our youngest learners, ages 4-7. Rising Stars! Program Kits, consisting of a Star Gazers’ Guide and Star Time Activity Card sets, take the exploration of teamwork, creative thinking, and critical thinking to new heights for young ones. Some of these age-appropriate activities can be completed in a brief session, others over several weeks, and others throughout a unit of study. These materials may be used by anyone working with young children in a variety of settings. Packaged with thought-provoking quotations, creative lessons, teachable tools, a Team Challenge, musical CD (Kit III), and energizing STARt-ups, these kits encourage young children to probe a multitude of problem solving curricular areas and methodologies.

Destination Imagination

Destination ImagiNation®
Destination ImagiNation® is not really a program, it’s a process. Team members engage in creativity, Creative Problem Solving, and teamwork all year long, individually and together, with DI Challenges, otherwise known as a great practice drill for the challenges of real life! Participants will develop life-long skills that carry over into everyday life – but most of all, they will have fun, discover talents they never knew they had, become friends with kids they might not have ever met, and reap the rewards of teamwork and friendship as they grow and learn. For more information go to:



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