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Incorporating Music with the Magical World of Movies

by Linda Pliagas

As a child in parochial elementary school, my fellow students and I enjoyed it when we a video could replace a spoken lecture by the teacher, some things just never change.
Incorporating television into a learning program is a great way to make subjects come to life for children; it also allows parents an opportunity to join in on the fun and make learning a fun family event.

Educational entertainment has reached a new level of quality and sophistication with “The Composers’ Specials”, a series of six HBO Original films, which eloquently tell the story of famous composers who are touched by a child’s presence and wisdom.
The DVD series magically transport viewers into a historical timeline, giving people a glimpse of the life of some of the most famous composers the world has ever known.  
The series includes films on Johann Strauss Jr., Signor Rossini, Franz Liszt, Georges Bizet, George Frederic Handel, and Johann Sebastian Bach.
Devine Entertainment Corporation has spared no expense in the making of these gorgeously orchestrated productions.  The acting and writing are supurb, the costumes are elegant and the striking classical music in the background makes viewers realize just why these musical geniuses have gone down in history.
The composers’ specials are brilliant in that the central characters of each series revolves around a child; while the emphasis may be on the composer’s life, the child actor takes center stage in each production.  
Children love to view other peer actors and incorporating child thespians into the productions only make them even more enjoyable and educational to view as a family.
In addition to creating visual masterpieces, Devine Entertainment Corporation, also enhances the movie experience by incorporating a Teacher’s Guide with the DVD series.  The Teacher’s Guide is a great way to maximize the movie viewer’s experience with discussion topics, cross curricular activities and viewing guides.  
The viewing guides are designed to enhance a viewer’s experience of the films and also give parents and children additional inside information about the musical masters and the incredible legacies they left behind.
The Teacher’s Guide is a great way for homeschooling parents to add activities to a child’s curriculum.
In addition to the Composer’s DVD Specials, Devine Entertainment Corporation, also produced an outstanding quality DVD series of on inventors (Edison, Einstein, etc…) and artists (Rembrandt, and others…).
The DVD series created by Devine Entertainment Corporation offers parents and children an enjoyable way to learn about the greatest figures that have impacted our lives with their visual creations, life-changing inventions and musical masterpieces.
For more information on the magical masterpieces created by Devine Entertainment Corporation  L.P.

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