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How will you mark the end of your son or daughter’s home education?

Celebrating the completion of the High School years is one of those rites of passage that our culture values and recognizes, yet for homeschoolers, the form of that symbolic "closure” can be as personal as their motives and styles of education. At Homeschool, we specialize in helping homeschoolers mark the transition from high school to "life beyond."

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Our web site also contains a section of ideas and help for the planning process. We address questions about issuing a homeschool diploma, naming your school, and creating transcripts. You’ll also find suggestions for everything from wording a homeschool graduation announcement to planning a group graduation ceremony.

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Homeschoolers do Graduate, Honest!
By Linda Pliagas

One of the biggest misconceptions about homeschooling in mainstream America is that the young adults who are educated at home miss out on graduation.

This could not be further from the truth.  Homeschoolers do indeed celebrate graduation, whether as an individual family or with their homeschool group. They purchase yearbooks and class rings and participate on all the other fun things that coincide with making the transition into adulthood.

One of the companies helping homeschoolers celebrate graduation is Trim & Tassels. The company provides a wide array of products, caps, gowns, diploma covers, and, of course, a variety of tassels in vivid colors.

“Just because kids are not enrolled in formal education, doesn’t mean they should not have the opportunity to share in the same great memories,” says Ritu Jalan, co-owner of Trim and Tassels. 

The company services requests for graduation accessories from individual homeschoolers as well as large homeschool groups.

Trim and Tassels also sells diploma covers to keep that important and much-anticipated certificate protected from harm.

What I like about the company, besides their affordable prices, is the variety of colors and products that are available with a click of the button.  You have don’t have to search the internet aimlessly to coordinate the items you need for that special day, Trim & Tassels has it all under one virtual roof.

Although, they do not have a brick-and-mortar store, the friendly staff of Trim and Tassels do answer the phone promptly and are ready to answer any questions that a customer may have.

Whether your homeschooler is graduating preschool or college, Trim and Tassels makes it easy to purchase the attire and other essentials you need quickly, so you can sit back and savor this significant achievement.

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