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The Dow's

The Dow's Schoolroom, Huntington, Texas • 1-866-788-0862 or 936-422-4623
PO Box 560, Huntington, TX 75949 or E-mail:

Diana Dow, a homeschooling mom of six for many years, knows her subject(s) and she brings her knowledge and expertise to your fingertips with her large website resource, The Dow's Schoolroom. Although Diana is a Christian homeschooler and her site features many Christian-based products, she also searches out and offers products that are not, and are completely suitable for non-Christian homeschoolers.

When a new homeschooling parent is wondering what to do, how to proceed, "Does everybody else experience this?" there is nothing like the voice of a seasoned "professional" homeschooling mom to ease your mind and clear your way.

Diana's site covers everything from advice on Beginning Homeschooling, Curriculum possibilities, and a breakdown by topic -- Math, Phonics, Language, etc., with each topic containing loads of textbooks, workbooks and other materials available to view and purchase online. Since Diana has homeschooled many children, she has encountered numerous learning styles. Having to adjust to this fact is one of the things that makes her advice so valuable. And she knows what it is like to search for the perfect math program for your 4th grade student.

The Dow's Schoolroom also features a section on Educational Toys for toddlers and very young children such as products to teach and develop lacing, tying and latching. You can make these pre-academic subjects fun and interesting for your child to learn and know that when you actually begin the academic portion of homeschooling, it is simply a transfer of subject matter, not function . . . it is still you and your child, together, experiencing the wonder of new knowledge and new skill development. Dow's also carries rhythm instruments, puppets, a wide variety of pretend food and old-fashioned electronic toys -- a Cash Register that teaches addition, subtraction, basic calculator skills and provides four games with an increasing level of skill development.

Treat yourself to an enjoyable evening of quiet time, looking over and shopping at Dow's And Diana offers her time and assistance to any homeschooling parent who needs guidance beyond what is already offered on the website..

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