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Balance Publishing CompanyBalance Publishing

“Radio Dramas Help Reluctant Readers”
By Linda Pliagas

Before the age of computers and television, American families would come together in their living rooms and huddle around the radio to listen to their favorite programs. Little did we realize what a great teaching tool these productions are.

“Writing and producing a radio drama is a real-life activity that not only draws the student in, but integrates all the language skills,” explains Don Kisner, owner of Balance Publishing Company.

His company, based in Sanger, California, has been producing and selling radio drama-related materials for grades six through adult since 1984.

While Kisner was teaching, he noticed that it was a “real problem” to get his students motivated to use language arts. As a theatre arts college major, Kisner was the perfect person to bring the excitement of radio dramas into the classroom.

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Plays Magazine Plays Magazine

By Melissa Stepan

Whether it’s performed in a backyard or playground, a school or professional theatre, a play performed live can hold children’s attention, spark their imaginations, and boost their creativity in ways no other medium can. It’s exciting, engaging and just plain fun.

Plays, The Drama Magazine, provides it’s readers/subscribers ROYALTY FREE access to anywhere from 60 – 70 plays per year, including access to all the hundreds of plays published in the magazine over the past 63 years. Plays Magazine is published seven times per year (October – May). Each issue contains eight to ten one-act, age appropriate plays for students in lower, middle, and upper grades.

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Pioneer Drama

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Pioneer Drama is one of the largest full-service play publishing and licensing companies operating in the United States.  They carry the exclusive rights to over 700 plays and musicals! All of their scripts—extensively produced by schools, colleges, churches, children’s theatres and community theater groups—are carefully selected to meet the specific needs of the homeschool family or resource group, educational and amateur markets.
In addition to their high quality scripts for productions of every size, Pioneer Drama Service offers one of the finest collections of theatre textbooks available anywhere. Very reasonably priced, you’ll find these books ideal for homeschoolers use or for your professional library.

               You can visit the Pioneer Drama website: and browse the many sections of our catalog you see to the left. When searching the catalog you can find the perfect play or musical for your performing group’s every need.

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Hollywood 101 Series
Review by Linda K. Foster

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Lights! Camera! Action! Do your kids think they have what it takes to be on television or in commercials? Do you think they have what it takes?  If so, the Hollywood 101 study guides by Chambers Stevens will help guide your kids into the world of T.V. Emmy nominee Chambers Stevens has coached over 5000 kids and teens who have appeared in television shows and commercials. Stevens is an accomplished television and theater actor, an award-winning playwright, an author and a teacher. He is a graduate of the Conservatory of Theater Arts at Webster University and the founder of the Nashville Shakespeare Festival. In his six-book series entitled Hollywood 101, Stevens combines his qualifications and his inside knowledge of the entertainment field to provide kids and teens with valuable information necessary for success in theater and television. 

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Singing Made Easy/Acting for Singers
by Kyle Zook

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The “Singing Made Easy” course and materials are the result of author Marcia McCarry’s 45 years of direct experience as a professional voice trainer as well as a student of the Suzuki Piano Method.  In 1983, a fateful trip to Japan to study with Dr. Haruko Kataoka, and a subsequent meeting with the renowned master Dr. Shinichi Suzuki and his wife planted the seed of Marcia’s idea to translate this method of learning music to voice training. The essential ingredient in Dr. Suzuki’s method is listening by ear; adapting this method to teach singers is a natural extension of this process.

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