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Driver's Education

DRIVERS ED DIRECT – Saving The World “One New Driver” At A Time

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By Linda K. Foster

Offering the best driver education, behind the wheel driver training and supplemental driver education products available today, Drivers Ed Direct is the one-stop shopping site for all of your driver education needs. It is also the only totally environmentally friendly program that exclusively uses hybrid vehicles. Drivers Ed Direct is a California-based company that uses modern technology to make learning the rules of the road “cool and contemporary.”

While there are numerous classroom and online driver education programs available, Drivers Ed Direct is one of the few online driver education programs that has been officially approved by the California DMV as a 30-hour driver education lesson plan. They also offer approved online courses in Florida and Nevada and CD-ROM programs in  Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas. Drivers Ed Direct focuses on safety and has gone out of its way to meet and exceed California DMV requirements to start students on the road to becoming new drivers.

All of the Drivers Ed Direct driver education courses are conducted online using interactive flash animation that allows time-strapped students the flexibility to complete their education hours conveniently wherever they have access to the internet and whenever their schedules permit.

Included in each California online driver education course are interactive flash lessons where students visually learn driving skills and techniques using Drivers Ed Direct’s one-of-a-kind interactive lessons. Students will also have access to an extensive library of free driving safety videos to review at anytime during the course. Unlike many courses that offer decade-old videos with no relevance to modern driving conditions, Drivers Ed Direct videos are up-to-date, dealing with today’s teen issues.

A very important aspect of this quality online driver education program is the availability of free DMV practice tests. No longer is it necessary for students to guess at what might be on a DMV test. Drivers Ed Direct wants its students to succeed the first time out and does everything possible to provide the information necessary for that success.

Once students have successfully completed their Drivers Ed Direct online driver education instruction, they can enroll in a behind-the-wheel course. Drivers Ed Direct currently offers in-vehicle training for teens and adults throughout the Greater Los Angeles area in California. The state-of-the-art driver training programs focus on safe driving habits, the basics of learning how to drive, and improving the environment. Drivers Ed Direct is the first driving school in the nation to offer in-vehicle instruction exclusively in hybrid cars and is only one of a few driving schools that offers behind-the-wheel lessons in SUVs (again, hybrid). Drivers Ed Direct’s commitment to being environmentally responsible is only surpassed by the quality of its driver safety training. While many driving schools offer lessons in older vehicles with few added features, every vehicle used by Drivers Ed Direct is new and fully equipped to provide driver safety.

As most of us know, driving conditions (road conditions, number of vehicles on the road, technological distractions, etc.) have become more challenging over the years and it is no longer possible to simply teach a child basic vehicle mechanics and how to drive around the block. Drivers Ed Direct takes all of the current considerations into account in the development of its behind-the-wheel course. Students not only learn driving basics, they are taught a range of topics such as advanced defensive driving techniques, dealing with technology and other issues that impact their lives. The course includes a class on driving in the era of PDA’s and other personal technology.  Each vehicle is equipped with a Navigation System, cell phone and GPS unit so students learn how to NOT be distracted by these gadgets. 

The philosophy of Drivers Ed Direct is to provide personalized service based on each individual student’s needs and to make sure students receive a quality, educational program. To accomplish these goals, all in-vehicle courses are taught by patient and relaxed instructors providing an atmosphere that is comfortable and conducive to effective learning. Unlike most other in-vehicle programs, Drivers Ed Direct offers lessons 7 days a week between the hours of 7 a.m. and 10:15 p.m.  Enrolled students have access to the online scheduling system enabling them to request and schedule driving lessons online, 24 hours a day.

Drivers Ed Direct offers stand-alone in-vehicle courses or a number of reasonably-priced driving packages that include the online course. The Basic Course includes the driver education online course, 6 hours of behind-the-wheel driving, unlimited DMV practice tests and DMV certificates of completion for both courses. A more intensive course is their 10-hour combo course that offers the online course and 10 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction including extra freeway and canyon lessons.

As you can see, Drivers Ed Direct offers comprehensive online and in-vehicle instruction that teaches critical driving skills and environmental responsibility at the same time. Students receive a quality education in safe and responsible driving and also learn to take a pro-active role in reducing oil consumption and greenhouse gases.

For additional information regarding the programs offered by Drivers Ed Direct, please visit their website at www.driverseddirect.comL.F.

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