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Driver's Education

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Cost: varies –California, Colorado, Florida, Texas, Nevada, Oklahoma, Virginia, Minnesota, and Generic


By Danica Davidson

If a person is going to drive, it’s extremely important that they drive well, not just for their own sake but for the sake of everyone else on the roads.  Nearly every teenager out there can’t wait to be licensed to drive, and everyone’s heard jokes about parents who worry about their child getting behind the wheel.  Plenty of other worries come up when it comes to learning how to drive, including locating good instructors, finding the time to learn, and, of course, being able to get driver’s education at affordable prices.  This is where steps in to take away all the worries, and, thanks to being online and catering to its students, it’s excellent for homeschoolers.

The course is DMV approved, and, since getting its start in 2003, has about 50,000 students a month.  All learning is online, allowing students to work on it whenever they have the time and want to do so.  Courses are specific to the requirements and rules of states.  Along with being able to give learner’s permits preparation for all fifty states, it gives the mandatory DMV certificate-of-completion of driver’s education for teenagers getting their first licence in California, Colorado, Florida, Texas, Nevada, Oklahoma, Virginia and Minnesota.

“We’re seeing around the country that States are raising the bar for driver’s ed and training,” said Gary Tsifrin, who is the COO and Co-Founder of  “It’s great that teens are required to have additional training, so that they are more experienced when they hit the road, making driving safer for everyone. But schedule is proving to be a real problem.  We make it possible for students to complete their driver’s ed requirements on their own time.

“As licencing requirements for teen drivers become tougher and high school unilaterally cut back on driver’s ed courses,” he continued, “we’ve taken into account how teens learn to bring driver’s education into the 21th century.”

It isn’t just homeschoolers who use this website, but because homeschoolers aren’t in physical high schools where these classes are offered, this is exactly what many are looking for.  Tsifrin also points out that when students sit down on their own to work, they usually do better than when they’re told to do something at a certain time.  Students can go through this course at their own speed, allowing them to fully understand each subject they come to.

Enrollment is easily done on the website and prices range from a mere $75 to $100.  The staff, which has more than twenty-five years worth of driving education instruction under its belt, is available twenty-four hours a day.  Students or parents may call up whenever they want to ask questions.  The staff is always more than willing to help out in any way it can.             

Homeschool parents no longer have to worry about finding the right place for their kids to learn about driving.  With more than one million registered users since it opened, has more than proven it knows exactly what it’s doing.  Despite being a relatively new program, it’s already managed to fully develop itself and find much success in its field.

With this website, its courses and instructors, homeschoolers are able to study thoroughly and at their own leisure, making sure they learn all they need to know in order to be good drivers.   Now they can easily and comfortably get their license and get behind the wheel of their car knowing they’re prepared and ready.  Driving is something exciting for so many teenagers, and does what it can to make sure it’s not only rewarding and exciting, it’s also safe.  What more could someone want?


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