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Welcome to the world of online learning!

High School eLearning specializes in providing interactive online high school electives. Our courses are set up in the same course management system used by many universities. In addition to learning about subjects that interest them, students also gain experience managing their own learning, using an online learning system and trying out technology tools that are essential in today’s workplace and University settings. This student-centered learning environment is the perfect place for students to enter the world of online learning.

High School eLearning is not a school - parents are still an important part of their student’s education, even if they are not “experts” in the subjects the students are learning! Our online curriculum allows every student to work independently on each course, guided by a weekly checklist of textbook reading assignments, online interactive lessons and games - and for some courses, hands on projects.

Our online courses are not “text on a screen” or a “course in a box”. Teacher’s manuals and grading keys are a thing of the past. Every course has a textbook, workbook or kit to accompany the online interactive lessons and activities. After each week’s activities, the online self-grading quizzes help students to check their knowledge of the subject as they progress through the course. They can look at their quiz answers and repeat the quizzes to correct misconceptions and improve their score. Everything is tracked in the student’s individual online gradebook.

Each Online Course Features

• Self-paced any time - anywhere learning
• Printable checklists and project guides with step-by-step instructions
• Interactive online lessons packed with puzzles and games to make learning fun and reinforce concepts
• Online gradebook for students (and parents!)
• Course completion certificates based on quiz grade percentages
• Email access to an “Expert” for each course with 24-hour response

About our Courses

Students love our courses because we offer unique subjects that are geared to the interests of high school students. We specialize in creating understandable step-by-step courses in Computer Programming. Our introductory course is called Creating Animations Using Alice. The second course in the series is Introduction to Java Programming. Students in Forensic Science explore careers such as Forensic Pathology, Toxicology, Entomology and Psychology. Introduction to Electronics is a hands-on course using Snap Circuit Kits and multimeters. Is your student interested in the growing field of Health Care? Our Medical Terminology course will give them a head start on their career. Our technical courses are rounded out by Algebra I First Semester, and Music Theory.

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