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emedia - My Guitar Course
eMedia Music Corp
664 NE Northlake Way
Seattle, WA 98105
$29.95 Ages 6 and up.


by Michael Leppert

The guitar is a wonderfully mysterious instrument, both simple and complex, easy and difficult, and the more one learns, the more there is to know, providing a lifetime of exploration and achievement. eMedia Music Corp. has developed an excellent and very affordable beginner CD-based course to launch one's journey into the wonderful world of the guitar. My Guitar teaches the basics of guitar playing, maintenance and nomenclature that carries on into eMedia's more advanced program, Guitar Method, so that the beginner can graduate from the 60 lessons of My Guitar into much more guitaricity.
My Guitar teaches the names of the guitar's parts, shows both steel-string and nylon-string acoustic and discusses the functions of both guitars. There are video demonstrations of how to change strings and tune both kinds of guitar, too.
My Guitar has a video mode and an audio mode, so that as each concept or skill is introduced, the player can watch and listen to demonstrations, thereby eliminating the need for a teacher. However, the heart and soul of success with any musical endeavor is regular -- consistent practice. Often a teacher provides an external authority figure the student wishes to please or measure up to, so in using My Guitar, it is helpful for the parent to guide the student -- or better yet, if parent(s) and child learn the guitar together, daily practice becomes a rewarding family experience. Since My Guitar uses the simplest forms of chords and progresses slowly, anyone can learn fundamental playing. The guitar is one of the best ensemble instruments one can choose. A trio or quartet of guitars is beautiful and relatively easy to achieve.

The Tools section includes a Tuner; Metronome with both visible and audible clicks; a Recorder and a Chord Dictionary that shows the finger pattern and strums the chord, too. To use the Tuner's visual aid -- that of lighting up when your string is in tune to the pitch of the tuner, you need a microphone connected to your computer -- very easily acquired. However, the Tuner emits the proper tone, and with a little help and practice, the beginner can match his guitar string pitch to the tone without the visual.  I did not use the Recorder feature, but I feel that even if it has a small capacity, it is an exceptional extra to offer! Hearing one's self playing and being able to track one's progress over a period of time, is one of the best aids there is to learning any instrument. Finally, the Chord Dictionary provides a huge list of chords, shows the chord chart symbol and will play the chord for you, just as a pronouncing dictionary does. The Metronome will be a useful tool for the rest of the player's life. There is no better way to become a master than to practice rudiments every day with a metronome. To have a computer-based one included in My Guitar is worth the price of the entire program!
My Guitar also teaches guitar tablature, aka TAB and uses it in later lessons. This is a significant piece of information, as many songs and pieces of sheet music prepared for guitar show the TABs as well as regular notation. Many experienced guitar players use the TAB method.
If My Guitar were priced double what it is, I would consider it an incredible deal. You can obtain about one year's worth of use from it -- especially if you use the Tools and eventually supplement the CD with books of technique exercises, etc. However, no doubt eMedia's Guitar Method accomplishes this as well. I strongly recommend that you visit eMedia's website and consider My Guitar for some of your family's music work. Every household should have at least one guitarist! MjL

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