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EXCEL HIGH SCHOOL – Where Every Student Has A Front Row Seat

4445 W. 77th St., Ste 209, Minneapolis, MN 55435 • 1-800-620-3844 • www.excelhighschoolcom

Review by Kay Miller

If you’re trying to avoid a traditional bricks and mortar high school, Excel High School offers the perfect alternative.  Fully accredited by the National Private Schools Accreditation Alliance, Excel High School is registered with the State Department of Education and, for the most part, operates like any traditional high school.  The big difference? You attend Excel High School online in the comfort of your own home.

Excel High School was founded by a group of educators and technology experts who identified the need to improve the way children and adults learn. The goal of Excel High School is “…to give every person, regardless of their circumstances, the opportunity to earn their American high school diploma or make-up credits.” To reach this goal, qualified, caring and motivated instructors provide and individualized learning model and work closely with each student every step of the way. Since its inception, Excel has continued to provide the most intuitive, accredited, and comprehensive online high school and middle school course content available anywhere.

Single courses for students in need or make-up credits as well as a complete 6-12 correspondence high school diploma program are offered. Both options are designed for students desiring a convenient way to study at their own pace with a private world-class college prep online high school. Unlike many public and private schools, there are no 10-year old books used at Excel High School. Cutting-edge technology is used to provide the most recent and up-to-date, fully accredited curriculum. Make-up credits earned through Excel High School are accepted by most high schools and Excel High School American high school diplomas and courses are accepted by colleges and universities as meeting the post-secondary educational requirements for admission. Excel High School is also an excellent opportunity for older adults unable to attend night school to earn a high school diploma through the GED online test preparation program.

Excel High School provides the opportunities for students to avidly pursue their interests, strengthen basic skills and deepen their love of learning. Anyone with internet access and a desire to learn will find that Excel High School can meet their educational needs.

For additional information about Excel High School or to enroll in this viable alternative to a traditional high school education, please visit their website at www.excelhighschool.comK.M. ■

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