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Do you want to make science fun for your homeschooler? You can! Exploration Education can help.

With their “hands-on” science curriculum, Exploration Education helps parents transform their family room into a mini science laboratory. 

The first elementary physical science course, valued priced at only $49.95, is designed for students in kindergarten through third grade. The course includes one lesson per week for 36 weeks.

What makes this curriculum unique is that each lesson includes an experiment or activity designed to help students learn about the physical world around them.

Exploration Education’s elementary curriculum includes an interactive CD, a student activity book, and all necessary materials to complete the activities included. Only a few additional tools and supplies will be needed, such as a pencil, scissors and rub-on glue stick.

Some of the topics covered include: matter, gravity, energy, speed, heat, sound and more.

The next course available, Intermediate Physical Science, is designed for children in 4th through 8th grades. This is a higher-level course and it includes 126 lessons, designed for three to four lessons per week, for 36 weeks.

Some of the topics covered in the advanced course include: forces, machines, motion and energy; electricity and magnetism; changes in matter; and sound and light. The curriculum also includes a student log book, a teacher’s manual and all necessary materials to complete the projects described.

This year-long science course is also affordably priced at $119.95.

Children will like the hands-on aspect of Exploration Education and parents can rest assured that their curriculum covers all subjects set by the National Science Education Standards.

One of the reasons that Exploration Education is so user friendly is due to the step-by-step pictorial directions that are provided, which make it easy to follow and less intimidating for parent and students who may not be scientifically inclined.

Exploration Education has numerous testimonials from satisfied customers, both parents and students.  The company’s mission is to provide “a dynamic, easy-to-use, hands-on curriculum.”

Your little scientist will be fascinated by these engaging experiments. This hands-on learning approach makes abstract scientific ideas tangible and easily comprehensible.

The Exploration Education staff is aware that students learn and retain more information if they enjoy learning, so they have made every effort to put the fun back into scientific curriculum.

Be sure to visit their website for great scientific activities that can be easily done at home and will engage students to experiment with everyday elements.

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