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Balance Publishing CompanyBalance Publishing

“Radio Dramas Help Reluctant Readers”
By Linda Pliagas

Before the age of computers and television, American families would come together in their living rooms and huddle around the radio to listen to their favorite programs. Little did we realize what a great teaching tool these productions are.

“Writing and producing a radio drama is a real-life activity that not only draws the student in, but integrates all the language skills,” explains Don Kisner, owner of Balance Publishing Company.

His company, based in Sanger, California, has been producing and selling radio drama-related materials for grades six through adult since 1984.

While Kisner was teaching, he noticed that it was a “real problem” to get his students motivated to use language arts. As a theatre arts college major, Kisner was the perfect person to bring the excitement of radio dramas into the classroom.

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BCB Technologies

Home Concierge Manages Your Life,
Home and Business
By Linda Pliagas

Running a large household or multiple homes is not easy. Keeping up with Timmy’s soccer practice on Tuesday, Carol’s tennis lessons on Wednesdays, and hubby’s busy travel schedule can be unbearable, not too mention the added responsibility of overseeing your home. And if you are fortunate enough to own a vacation home and a rental property or two, the amount of paper trail can make you become more of an accountant and estate manager than you wish to be.

Now there is a relatively new online company that can make your unorganized life a little bit tidier and safer. BCB Technologies has created Home Concierge ( new website that helps ladies and gentlemen, and/or their household staff, transform domestic chaos into an orderly personal enterprise.

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Flash MasterStrengthen Math Skills with the Flashmaster!
by Christine Kerrigan

Is your child having difficulty with math basics? Do they need to strengthen their multiplication tables, or simply have difficulty recalling? Whatever the case, Flashmaster can help!  It is great for students of all ages who need to develop or reinforce their basic math recall and Flashmaster offers a resource for an easy and fun way to enforce those necessary skills.

How does the Flashmaster work?

The Flashmaster product is a small (7.25” W x 4.25” H) computer that essentially replaces the need for flashcards and similar quizzing elements. An array of practice and testing options allow for the user to work on his/her skills utilizing a variable selection of levels and time constraints:

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tables can be learned and solidified through reviewing them sequentially or at random; no time limit.

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Cool ID TagsCool ID Tags

No parent wants to think about their child going missing, but if adults prepare for emergencies accordingly, a sense of calm will prevail during times of chaos.

Cool ID Tags makes it easy and affordable for parents to take necessary precautions, and the company makes the identification tags cool so that kids want to wear them.

Besides the traditional style of wearing the ID tag on a chain around your neck, these specialized tags can also be attached to shoes, a person’s wrist or clothing.  They can also serve as nifty luggage tags. The ID tags are lightweight yet sturdy and extremely affordable: One tag is only $7.95 and three tags are only $19.50.

Children will enjoy the fact that they can design their own ID tag online. has over 300 hundred vibrant graphics to choose from. Personalized photos or artwork can be uploaded and also added.

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Tuttle Publishing’s Flash Cards Offer a Unique & Inexpensive Way to Learn a New Language

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Are you trying to teach your homeschooler a second language? Learning a foreign tongue is an important academic discipline for a well-rounded homeschool education, especially for college-bound homeschoolers, as foreign language studies is a must-have criteria for earning a bachelor’s degree.

Tuttle Publishing makes learning and retaining foreign language skills fun and entertaining with their new flash cards sets, which are designed to each children 64 new words in Chinese.

Competitively priced at only $19.95, the Tuttle Chinese For Kids Flash Cards Kit Volume 1 is a complete learning system, one that every homeschool family can benefit from. (Save 30 percent by ordering directly on their website: only $13.96!)

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Trading cards have been popular since the days of the Honus Wagner-era 1890s baseball cards that came with cigarette packages. Besides sports cards there have been the Pokémon series and numerous other character-based card sets. One might think that all of the ideas for trading cards had been used by now.

But there is a new, intelligent twist to this time-honored collecting hobby. ChatterChix™ is an original and unique set of trading cards, designed for girls from age 5 to 12. They were created as a way to provide a concept of contemporary role models who represent timeless values of respect, responsibility and friendship.  The cards depict real girls who differ in many ways. Each girl lives in a different state and her card represents her home state, setting forth facts about it, such as the state capital, state bird and state’s nickname. Each girl differs in appearance, personality and lifestyle. The cards are designed to communicate to young girls that although we may share similarities, we all are different. The ChatterChix™ cards are encouraging and a fun way to learn about what other girls are doing around the nation – and some things about the nation itself.

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Five Tools to Build Character

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What is character? How do we instill Christian character in our children? As parents, we are always looking for various ways to instill and encourage character in our children.  Our fast paced lives and the society we live in has a way of robbing parents of time and methods of teaching and encouraging character in their children.
At Pumpkin Seed Press, we’ve made it our mission to help provide families with the tools they need for Godly Christian character building in our children.  We know and understand the value of being present in your child’s growth, helping to establish their Christian character from the very beginning…here are 5 tools to assist you in building character into your child’s life!

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