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Family Tools

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Shortly after our fourth child was born, we began to feel increasingly overwhelmed with parenting. Our lives felt chaotic and disorderly. Some friends introduced us to the PEGS system, and within months, this "tool" brought needed structure and order to our frazzled family.

Along with Suzanne Evans (the developer of PEGS), we began to dream about how PEGS could help other families. In the fall of 1995, Family Tools was formed to market PEGS nationally and to expand the product line. The Dennis family, who shared our enthusiasm and passion, joined the team shortly thereafter. In business now for over ten years, PEGS. along with many other tools, is sold internationally. We also offer several parenting education resources including classes, seminars and parent coaching.

-- Jeff & Cheryl Eliason


Imagine a company that sells only products that help families function more effectively. The word "tool' was selected to imply practical solutions to specific needs. Ultimately, we want to see families be intentional in their parenting through clearly established vision and purpose.

We want to move parents out of the realm of "theory" (ideas) and into the realm of practice (doing). Every resource is developed or selected because it provides practical assistance to parents. Whatever your parenting philosophy, a "Family Tool" can equip you to achieve your parenting goals.


Because we recognize the life-long and eternal significance of how we train our children in the few years they are with us, we want to be deliberate in our efforts. Our mission is twofold:

EDUCATE - parents on real life issues through establishing parents as the primary educator of values and encouraging them in their parenting roles
EQUIP - parents with practical "tools" to make their job easier through user- friendly products and books.
We've divided our resources into according to areas where we want to develop competence in our children. These include:

General Parenting
Manners and Etiquette
Character Training
Life Skills / Responsibility
Relationships / Sexuality
Celebrations and Family Fun

We welcome you to explore our many tools and educational opportunities on our web site.

We desire to be the best resource for your "family tools!"

-- Jeff & Cheryl Eliason
-- Steve & Diann Dennis


Family Tools provides seminars or classes to educate parents with proactive and preventive parenting skills, covering the life span of children from infants to teens. The goal of Family Tools education programs is to:

Establish parents as the primary educator of values
Encourage parents in their parenting roles
Motivate parents to be proactive and preventive in their strategies
Provide developmental understanding of children
Give ideas, resources, and practical tools for parents to implement.
In addition to seminars geared specifically for parents, Family Tools also offers seminars for youth (5th-12th grades) and for women.

Parenting - Birth to 12
Parenting - Teens
Women - General Inspirational

The P.E.G.S. System

Family Tools offers P.E.G.S. - a visible, hands-on chore system that also addresses character issues. PEGS appeals to kids as well as parents, but most importantly - it works! P.E.G.S. has the potential to transform your family!

Practical Encouragement and Guidance System
P.E.G.S. is an acronym for Practical Encouragement and Guidance System, our unique chore chart. PEGS is practical (usable for all ages of children) and gives the parent a method for encouraging their children.

Our chore chart is unique in that we provide a means to address both chores and valuable character traits in one system. Note the many benefits the P.E.G.S. can provide to your family:

Benefits to Your Family
• Family management headquarters: PEGS outlines what matters to your family in one convenient place. PEGS can hang right on your refrigerator, central to family life.
• Provides structure and consistency: PEGS establishes daily and weekly chores. Set up your board and be ready to go for the week.
• Teaches children responsibility: PEGS holds kids accountable to defined expectations for both chores and character traits.
• Reinforces valuable character traits: PEGS provides a way of responding to character issues as they occur throughout the day by giving the child bonuses for desired behavior, or penalties for issues needing correction.
• Visible means of correcting behavior: PEGS provides an objective, visible way to outline expectations and correct predefined character challenges.
• Helps diffuse conflict: PEGS helps get parents get out of the conflict loop of having to constantly remind their child what is expected.
• Non-consumable product: PEGS is made of durable materials so you'll never have to make another chart. ■

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