The Home Schooler’s Journal

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Review by Kevin Harris

Rarely does one come by a product that is both elegant in its simplicity and intricately useful. The Home Schooler’s Journal, (and its sister product, The High Schooler’s Journal), is a product designed by the parent of homeschooled students, specifically for the sometimes less-structured life of homeschoolers.

James Ferguson, the father of eight children, started FergNus Services in 1991 as a desktop publishing and office automation business. His wife was faced with many challenges and asked him to design a non-computerized system to help her in keeping their school and personal lives organized. He soon developed The Home Schooler’s Journal, and sold and marketed it through the new business   

The Home Schooler’s Journal is a wire-bound, covered organizer with entry pages to accommodate multiple students. The pages include organizer functions for the home schooler, including monthly schedules for a full year, four-year calendars, test score keepers, grades, book-borrowing and lending lists, field trip logs and even pages for eye exams and dental check-ups.

The High Schooler’s Journal has similar features, but is designed for a single user, and has lined pages. Its list of pages includes a daily attendance log and areas to write transcripts.

Both organizers come with grime-proof covers, in multiple colors. The Home Schooler’s Journal comes in red, blue, green and yellow, while The High Schooler’s Journal comes in teal, purple, green, red and yellow.

The journals can be ordered directly from the company’s website, at, and cost $10.95 each. Payment is through Paypal, or with any major credit card, using the site’s integrated shopping cart feature. They can also be purchased at most major home schooling retailers. 

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness -- but What About . . . Neatness, Unclutter. . . Tidiness?

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Homeschooling families -- especially those whose children have been in school ---quickly realize that homeschooling becomes home-living. We focus on home-centered life as a natural outgrowth of home "schooling" and soon we are living somewhat as our grandparents did -- cooking at home, entertaining ourselves in the "living" room (!) and caring more for our dwellings far more than when we were only in them to sleep.

So, living with home as the center soon brings each family to a confrontation with clutter, junk-collecting and untidiness in general. A family can't be in an environment for 24/7 and not mess it up! And even the cleanest person in the world is not necessarily organized and neat. It is conceivable that one person could spend almost as much time cleaning up as it takes two or three people to make the mess. In our world, so centered on consumption, often we are not in touch with what we need vs. what we have. Before we become buried under our stuff, help is needed -- and help exists in the form of Mr. Don Aslett.

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