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At Find the Fun Productions we do just that: FIND THE FUN. We believe American history is too important to not strive to reach all upper-elementary and middle school students. That is why in our DVD productions you can find originals songs, puppetry, live action, on-screen critical-thinking  questions, animation, interviews, humor, drama and extensive, downloadable study guides from our website containing comprehensive questions and answers, creative extension activities as well as lyrics sheets of all the songs.

Learning is repetition.  At Find the Fun Productions, we are acutely aware of the research results that conclude: repeating concepts by implementing a diverse range of learning modalities increases understanding and long-term retention.  In addition, we are aware of the importance relevancy plays in student buy-in.  That is why we do all we can to demonstrate to students that history is relevant to their present-day lives. Bottom line: Understanding the past helps kids to see the present more clearly and chart their futures with greater assurance.

It is vital that students come to see the power of the past --that history is not behind you, but beside you.  As Video Librarian states about our work,“Egger-Bovet’s unique approach to teaching history will entertain students as well as educate them, his vignettes breathing life into what-especially for children-oftentimes seems a remote litany of dates and places. More importantly, he helps students understand how historical events continue to shape and influence our lives today.”


Since 2001, from our first production American Colonies/American Revolution directed by Academy-Award winner Bert Salzman to The Civil War: American Against American to our most recent production on the story of the American Constitution, award-winning, Kids First! All-star Bundle of Compromises (winner of 2 Telly Awards, finalist Distinguished Achievement Award from AEP),  Find the Fun Productions has been garnering great reviews from Video Librarian, Booklist and the venerable School Library Journal. SLJ has said about:

American Colonies/American Revolution, “Highly entertaining and thought provoking…belongs in the hands of history teachers who will use it bring the past alive for students.”

The Civil War: American Against American, This resource goes beyond material found in textbooks and is sure to spark student interest.”

Bundle of Compromises, “With the addition of Constitution Day to the calendar (September 17), teachers are looking for material suitable for teaching about our nation’s Constitution. This program, produced by Howard Egger-Bovet, would be an excellent choice…. Used over a series of several days, with class discussion and extension activities, this program will give students a very clear concept of what the Constitution signifies…Clearly this company knows its audience.

Buying Find the Fun products is more than purchasing an educational DVD; it is buying a media event--a highly engaging, effective learning tool founded on the educational principal that in order to teach children you must first reach children.  We invite you to reach out to our website and explore the various clips, stills, testimonials, and competitively-priced products available for purchase at:   Thank you, and remember every day you make history!


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