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Strengthen Math Skills with the Flashmaster!
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by Christine Kerrigan

Is your child having difficulty with math basics? Do they need to strengthen their multiplication tables, or simply have difficulty recalling? Whatever the case, Flashmaster can help!  It is great for students of all ages who need to develop or reinforce their basic math recall and Flashmaster offers a resource for an easy and fun way to enforce those necessary skills.

How does the Flashmaster work?

The Flashmaster product is a small (7.25” W x 4.25” H) computer that essentially replaces the need for flashcards and similar quizzing elements. An array of practice and testing options allow for the user to work on his/her skills utilizing a variable selection of levels and time constraints:

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tables can be learned and solidified through reviewing them sequentially or at random; no time limit.

Students may practice with timed sessions in which missed problems are repeated. 

Flashcards are offered, with a time limit for the individual problems, where the student may begin with as many as nine seconds per problem and work his/her way down to a quick-responding one second.  

Timed testing is an option; problems are not repeated as the series progresses. 

This creates the most realistic experience for a true testing or recall situation. 

A section for “special problems” is available, where students may review up to fifteen recently-missed problems, or enter their own to save and practice. 

Results of up to the nine most recent activities can be displayed for reference in order to see progress achieved or patterns that need work. 

Sound effects are available, giving positive reinforcement as students advance through the system.

How do I put the Flashmaster to work?

Of course, kids these days seem to have an innate ability to understand any electronic device handed to them, and they will be able to quickly pick up and appropriately use the Flashmaster. To effectively implement Flashmaster into your home-learning environment or classroom, parents, teachers and other educators are prompted to take a few minutes to familiarize themselves with the system. A series of exercises are recommended, first prompting the adult to go through the system as if they were the student, and second, working as the educator, reviewing the results. It is a wonderful idea for the educators to take a moment and become acquainted with the system from the student’s point of view so they can more effectively guide their progress and achievement. Many parents and teachers probably discover that they enjoy quizzing themselves with the Flashmaster as well, sneaking a moment from time to time to brush up on their own skills! 

The product’s potentially broad appeal is easily understood even when first acquainting oneself with the system. Although simple in design, its electronic structure is rather engaging in this age of hand-held video games. Portable and requiring no additional software or attachments, the Flashmaster offers not only a wonderful learning tool but an additional activity to keep kids occupied in the car, while waiting for dinner or during those other times when parents would like a friendly and fun diversion that also serves a greater purpose. In addition to the obvious educational benefits, I personally thought of Flashmaster as being a great tool for “winding down” busy minds at the end of the day.  It is engaging enough to keep us focused and sharpen the mind, yet takes us to that place of concentration that is achieved by many with a late-night book or game of solitaire, allowing us to zone in on a single concept and thus freeing the mind of a surplus of details – all while providing additional learning benefits. 

The Flashmaster would be a wonderful addition to any learning environment. Its intended purpose can be quickly and easily achieved using its hand-held system, and the benefits extend from the concept of solidifying math tables to the development and reinforcement of concentration, quick-thinking and the ability to efficiently act on those thoughts.  Developed for students but great for the entire family – children, parents and grandparents alike – The Flashmaster offers a great educational tool that every learning environment should have. C.K.

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