COME FOLLOW ME – Songs By Lorraine Nelson Wolf

Published by Come Follow Me Production
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By Linda Foster

“Come Follow Me”, Volumes 1 and 2, is a collection of beautifully written and performed folk songs for young children. A “Parents’ Choice” approved Award Winner for Volume 1, these CDs will delight children of all ages.

Each volume is filled with a magical array of simple but beautifully arranged songs ranging from reverent to wonder-filled to whimsical. Waldorf-inspired offerings such as “Morning is Come”, “Spring is Coming” and “May Day Song” transport the listener around the world and through the seasons. The music is melodic and enchanting and sung with heartfelt emotion by arranger, Lorraine Nelson Wolf. The variety of instruments is perfectly suited to each song and the arrangements take listening to songs to a new level.

Ms. Wolf’s clear and lovely vocals combine with lilting piano, accordion, harp and guitar accompaniments to provide hours of soothing and inspiring entertainment. Volume 2 features touches of violin and cello.

Ms. Wolf believes that “Young children have a natural instinct for rhythm, and they love wordplays and rhyme.” Through her CDs, she invites children and parents to use music to transition from one event, day and season to the next. For adults who often feel overwhelmed by life’s responsibilities, the collection of songs in “Come Follow Me” evokes reminiscent feelings of a childhood filled with a sense of wonder and a connection to nature. “Come Follow Me” affords an opportunity to reconnect with those feelings and share them with our children.

For additional information and to hear samples of the delightful songs, please visit L.F.

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