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World's Finest Chocolate
Kuddl’ems “Stuffy Bear”
My Homeschool Rewards

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World’s Finest Chocolate

When it comes to fund raising, choose the dependable leader that guarantee’s you a 50% profit. World’s Finest® Chocolate is the “brand name” in confectionary fund raising. Our chocolate is delectably rich, fresh and full of flavor. For the past 60 years we have helped groups of all sizes raise billions of dollars.  Let us help you raise funds today!

Only World’s Finest Gives You Superior Fund Raising Results with a premium product.


Kuddl’ems “Stuffy Bear” Kits & Stuffing Parties Stuffy Bear

Earn Extra Income
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by Melissa Stepan

Kuddl’ems, offers a wide variety of Animal Stuffing Kits!! Bears, Cows, Dogs, a Calico Cat, two colors of Unicorn, Reindeer . . . Imagine being a child and having the opportunity to build your own stuffed animal and when I say “build”, I mean build. No stuffing machine, here. These kits are made for hand-stuffing by children or adults, and meet all safety requirements. Each Animal Stuffing Kit includes a high-quality unstuffed 16” animal “skin”, stuffing material, a wishing star, birth certificate and a poly bag; all the necessary tools to help build the perfect lifelong friend -- your own personal stuffed animal.

Kuddl’ems also specializes in fundraising and home-based business opportunities that are perfect for homeschool groups and families or church, etc., that need to raise money through fundraising. Simply log onto or call 212-501–7711 to organize the perfect fundraiser. For those of you looking to generate some additional income through a fun and easy home business, consider giving an animal – stuffing party for children in your community. Kuddl’ems will work with you and help you get started. The demand for stuffed animals will never be exhausted and their selection of hand-stuffed animals and kits are popular, due to their low price and high quality. You will find virtually endless opportunities and benefits with Kuddl’ems. Call them today to get started!

My Homeschool Rewards

Homeschool Fundraising Made Easy and Fun

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Need new books?  Time for a computer upgrade? Want to take your students on a trip to the museum or zoo? Hundred of organizations and homeschooling families across the nation have discovered a new fundraising tool:

Using this innovative new service, the task of buying such items as groceries, gasoline and fast food can now generate dollars towards the purchase of books, supplies, special outings or other costs associated with homeschooling.

Raising funds through My Homeschool Rewards is easy.  Simply purchase and use gift cards for everyday purchases already in your household budget.  Since the merchants offer the donation, you pay nothing extra. These are exactly the same cards you purchase at a store and are worth the full face value, just like cash.  The only difference is that when purchased through, anywhere from one to 20 percent of the total spent will be donated by the merchant directly to you. These donations are tracked in your account and a check is mailed to you quarterly for your earnings.


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