Let Library Professionals Select the Best Books for Your Homeschool Collection

FYI Homeschool Books
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By Linda Pliagas
FYI Homeschool Books

FYI Homeschool Books, which stands for “For Your Information,” is an offshoot of FYI Library Sales, which began more than 15 years ago fulfilling book orders for school and public libraries across the nation. 

The company’s mission is to hand-choose quality books and offer them at the best prices possible. The staff of FYI Homeschool Books is made up of former library employees, so they know exactly what parents need to keep their children interested in reading. Additionally, their library science background helps them understand curriculum needs for every grade level.

“We carry about thirty publishers, we also have new books available all the time,” says Sharon Morice, office manager for FYI Homeschool Books.  “We monitor books and select those that may be of most interest.”

Not only does FYI Homeschool Books help parents weed out inappropriate books, they also make them available at great prices. Morice explains: “Most of our workbooks are lot less expensive than the publishing price. We not only have standard workbooks, but we also carry a large selection of non-fiction books from some of the best publishers.”

Morice is a former librarian whose grandchildren are currently homeschooled.

FYI Homeschool Books believes in offering their products at value prices. The company has a wide range of secular books, in subjects ranging in math, science, history, social studies, study skills, phonics, writing skills, composition, reading comprehension, reference and critical thinking. A small selection of religious books is also available.

Their sister company, FYI Discounted Books also offers “deeply discounted” books for children and adults.

What’s refreshing about FYI Homeschool Books is that although they started as library book sellers and distributors, they now cater to the needs of homeschooling families who do not have the budget or an interest in buying in bulk.

“We accept smaller orders. We have no minimum and we try to have a very good mix,” Morice says.

One of the reasons FYI has been so successful is due to the fact that they are constantly improving their business and book collection. “We always take suggestions from our patrons. We have a large variety and we always want feedback,” Morice admits.

When asked what advice the former children’s librarian has for parents wanting to improve their family’s literacy, she unsurprisingly replies, “Go to the library!”  She then adds: “I think it’s very important for children to pick out their own books.”

With the low prices offered by FYI Homeschool Books, it will be easy and affordable for each member of the family to purchase their favorite reading material.

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