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VALUE "Bingo" Math Game Makes Learning Math Facts Enjoyable!
Games By Bea, Inc.

POB 1773, Shelton, WA 98584
Ph: 360.432.9075
by Michael Leppert

It is well-known that educational games are among the best tools that teachers can use to impart basic knowledge and factual information to their students. Homeschooling parents are no different than other teachers in this respect, and homeschooled children are just as susceptible to being enamored of game-based learning as are institutional school students. And, of course, math is one of the three most important academic subjects homeschooling families deal with. Therefore, the math game VALUE, which demonstrated great prowess for 30 years in Chicago classrooms, has a similar effect today in a homeschooling setting.

VALUE is a math Bingo game for pre-K through middle school ages, utilizing a "bingo" board with color-coded numbers instead of letters and correspondingly color-coded flash cards that contain math facts. There are 16 different flash card decks, divided into five categories, with each deck containing 55 flash cards. The five divisions of cards are: Identifying Numbers, Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Addition & Subtraction of Fractions.

The game is played thus: A color-coded math flash card problem is shown to all players. A player must solve the problem and then see if the answer, in the same color, is shown on his/her game board. If it is, the player may cover that number with a plastic piece. So, if the problem flash card is a red, 9-3 the answer is red 6. Any player who obtains the correct answer and has a red 6 on his/her board, may cover it. Just as in Bingo, the first player to cover a straight line, either horizontal, vertical or diagonal, wins the game. More to the point, as children play VALUE, they memorize the math facts contained on the flash cards while they have fun. An extra values sidelight is that the VALUE game includes the number names from 0 through 10 in English and Spanish, so the student takes in a bit of language learning as well as math learning.

In the Pre-K to early 1st Grade level of VALUE, the flash card decks contain colored numbers, so that the child learns to identify the basic numbers, 0 through 10.

VALUE was created by a Chicago parochial school teacher in 1963 who used it with great success in her elementary classrooms for 30 years. The game has only recently been marketed to the public, so it seems new, but is actually tried and true, having stood the test of time.

The VALUE game components are reasonably priced, too, with starter packs for home use priced at under $20 and flashcard decks priced at $7.99 each. Clear plastic bingo markers are also available for $2.95 for 200! Please visit the website for much more information and to order the game components. MjL


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