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Review by Linda Foster

Reforms in mathematics education during the past decade, while plentiful, have not always been beneficial. Students are often deprived of the skills necessary to be successful at the university level and find themselves in need of remedial classes once admitted into a university. Global Institute of Mathematics was designed to address this problem by offering courses taught in the traditional method preferred by universities. Using the latest innovations in distance learning techniques, Global Institute of Mathematics provides American and international students with the necessary tools for math success in the American University system.

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Global Institute differs from other online schools of mathematics in two primary ways: 1) Instructor, James Stone, is highly qualified with degrees in teaching mathematics and physics and has over 18 years of high school teaching experience in three countries, and 2) Classes are offered in real time giving students the ability to see and interact with the instructor during the lesson and by email after the lesson. With a computer and an internet connection, students can participate in class sessions from the comfort of their homes or anywhere an internet connection is available. Lessons are also recorded and archived allowing the student to miss the real time broadcast as well as to review the lesson multiple times to enhance retention of the material.

The Global Institute of Mathematics' school year is divided into three, 10-week trimesters offering a comprehensive curriculum in algebra, advanced algebra, pre-calculus, and calculus. Each trimester builds on the previous trimester, but it is important to note that any course can also be taken as a "stand alone" course. The skillfully developed lessons involve a variety of teaching techniques including traditional white-board problem solving, power point slides, and analyzing computer-generated graphs. All classes are taught at a high level with special emphasis placed on mathematical theory, problem solving techniques, graphical analysis, algebraic skills and proper use of technical English. To assess their own work and progress, students are provided with homework sets, projects and solutions and, of course, the opportunity to consult with the instructor at any time via email.

Mr. Stone's extensive educational experience and passion for math shine through in his teaching style. He is able to provide the challenging and rigorous curriculum in a manner that explains mathematics in terms students can understand and relate to.

Global Institute of Mathematics courses prepare students for success at the university level, are excellent preparation for "testing in" and "testing out" of high school or college level classes, and are the perfect supplement to any high school mathematics education curriculum.

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