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Sing'n Learn
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LandaBooks -- Great Supplements for All English Skills
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4 Volumes: The Landa List; The Dirty Thirty; The Writing Process; Word Clusters
-- all written by David Hatcher and Lane Goddard

by Michael Leppert

A broad command of English is like nothing else. When one has a powerful grasp of the elements of our language -- grammar, spelling, punctuation, a large vocabulary, word usage, it imparts a sense of confidence and ease of communicating that is worth more than gold. Even one who occupies a "lower" station in life elevates himself in the eyes of others when he can speak intelligently and authoritatively. Conversely, one who may be highly intelligent and educated diminishes his reputation by possessing a limited vocabulary or repeatedly misusing words. Not only is a mastery of English essential -- it is also one of the most daunting topics of study for any student (and parent)!

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Sing 'n Learn - "Make Learning Fun with Music"

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By Michael Leppert

Typically, the very best homeschooling supply companies are those that are owned and operated by homeschoolers themselves. We understand subtle nuances that are significant to homeschooling families, but that other companies might not even notice. Sing ‘n Learn is such a company. It was founded by a homeschooling couple, Fred and Sarah Cooper, who were on the cutting edge of the modern homeschooling world, beginning to teach their oldest son in the mid 1980s and their second son shortly thereafter. Both boys never attended school until college.

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The Sentence Zone
Review by Kyle Zook

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Are you looking for a fun way to boost your child’s understanding of English sentence structure? Well, you need look no further than The Sentence Zone. The Sentence Zone is a game that grows along with your child’s understanding of English. With six suggested levels of play, it can accommodate everything from the earliest learners to more advanced students. Consistent use of The Sentence Zone can help your children identify parts of speech easily, dramatically improving their writing ability.

The game consists of 14 different colored cards indicating the various parts of sentence structure, the simplest being blue for subject (noun) and red for the verb.  The object of the game is look through the cards available and construct a complete sentence. By introducing the other parts of speech you increase the level of difficulty for the game.  There is a colored strip to help identify the cards as they are laid out for the game.

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