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Home-Based Work

Great New Games – A Great Idea in Home Shows!
Karmel Games, Inc.
501-I S. Reino Road (#228)
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

by Michael Leppert

Over the last few years, Karmel Games has developed award-winning and inspired educational board games that are popular with families and in classrooms alike. Games from Karmel have helped improve academic performance in math, reading and language skills as well as being useful tools in SAT preparation. Karmel games have been popular with adults, too, so families can spend relaxed evenings at home, having fun and learning at the same time!

GNG home parties provide guests the opportunity to experience these intelligent and inspiring games “in action”, allowing the players to see the long-term value they possess. Such games are actually investments in children’s education and parents have the opportunity to see this by seeing the games actually demonstrated – which is not something easily accomplished in a store setting.

As a means of gainful employment, what could be more natural for a work-from-home business than demonstrating and selling excellent educational board games! This area of work, already popular among homeschooling families, provides a parent with the ability to earn an income without having to work a rigid schedule or commute. You can arrange demonstration parties at a host’s home in a flexible manner and feel positive about the work you perform: Entertaining people with excellent, intellectually-enriching products that will improve their families’ lives for years to come!

For much more information on this exciting new business opportunity, please visit the Great New Games website, There, you can view the games themselves, learn about the network-marketing program and read about the company itself.  You can also attend a live online seminar (webinar) put on by the company everyTuesday evening at 6:00pm California time. Details are also on the website. MjL


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