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Koine Greek & Latin

Much more than Greek to Me!

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Review by Jeffrey Paul Oakar

With so many inferior language systems on the market, on those “blue moon” moments when a great system hits the market, it should be snapped up immediately! Such is the case with Greek ‘n’ Stuff’s Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek!” The program’s main idea is to assist your family in acquiring an understanding of ancient biblical Greek (known as Koine). This is done using a system of reading and writing activities, as well as vocabulary and grammar work.

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Why is learning Koine Greek important? For those families who place great importance on the message of the Bible and its literal word, translations just won’t do. Sometimes even the best translations of foreign language texts never quite attain the full meaning and purpose of the original idea. Having a grasp of Koine should allow students to go straight to the literal message of the New Testament, as well as enabling students to enjoy the Septuagint version of the Old Testament, the oldest translation of the original Hebrew texts.

Of course, coming to grips with an ancient language is never quite that simple, and this objective will not be met without dedication and hard work. However, if willing and able, you will find that Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! provides everything you’ll need to help you reach your goal. The program includes seven extensive levels complete with workbooks and answer keys.  In the beginning stages, students will cover the Greek alphabet as well as other activities designed to create a base vocabulary and reinforce what they’ve learned. In later stages, students will get into more complex grammatical structure like verb inflections, articles, accents and nouns. The final stages cover passive voice structures as well as perfect verb tenses, infinitives and third declension nouns. The complete package comes with hefty spiral work texts, CD-ROMs with pronunciation practice, vocabulary flash cards and answer key booklets. 

Although Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek may seem specialized, those who complete the program will find their English vocabulary expanded through the many English words which come from Greek roots.  Furthermore, the learner will come away with a significant base of Greek roots to learn other languages. Greek ‘n’ Stuff also offers Latin and Bible studies programs. For more information, see or call 1-309-796-2707.

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