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Home Concierge Manages Your Life,
Home and Business
By Linda Pliagas

Running a large household or multiple homes is not easy. Keeping up with Timmy’s soccer practice on Tuesday, Carol’s tennis lessons on Wednesdays, and hubby’s busy travel schedule can be unbearable, not too mention the added responsibility of overseeing your home. And if you are fortunate enough to own a vacation home and a rental property or two, the amount of paper trail can make you become more of an accountant and estate manager than you wish to be.

Now there is a relatively new online company that can make your unorganized life a little bit tidier and safer. BCB Technologies has created Home Concierge ( new website that helps ladies and gentlemen, and/or their household staff, transform domestic chaos into an orderly personal enterprise.

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Clonlara School & ISP
1289 Jewett, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Ph: 734-769-4511; F: 734-769-9629

by Emerson Sandow

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It might be easy for homeschooling families to take for granted the relative, basic freedom we enjoy in teaching our own children, but such an atmosphere of freedom would not be possible without the pioneering efforts of many professional educators along the way. These people possessed the vision to realize that children learn best in other ways than those promulgated in the public school model. They also had faith that they could work with parents, rather than independent of them.

One such pioneer is Dr. Pat Montgomery, founder of Clonlara School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. In 1967, Dr. Pat pursued her then-rare philosophy of a student-centered curriculum, whereby the student participates actively in his/her own education, with the instructor acting as a knowledgeable guide, facilitating the child’s natural curiosity. Dr. Pat opened the bricks-and-mortar Clonlara School, which still serves local students who wish to enjoy a fully-accredited and unique atmosphere for learning.

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H.O.P.E Home School Consulting, LLC

There Is H.O.P.E for Homeschoolers

H.O.P.E Home School
Consulting, LLC
68494 County Road 29
New Paris, IN 46553

By Linda Pliagas

Would you like to start homeschooling your children but have absolutely no idea how to begin? Don’t worry, there is H.O.P.E! — an acronym for Homeschooling parents will be Organized and Prepared to Educate their children, H.O.P.E provides nationwide consulting services to parents who are beginning their journey in home education.
The company was started by Angie McFarren, a former nurse who started homeschooling her children in 2002.

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